(Cebu) Santo Nino Basilica ~ with my super Yummy baby Ribs in Casa Verde Cebu

Another nice place to go in Cebu, Santo Nino Basilica in Cebu City. This church founded by Augustinian Priest , Andres de Urdaneta. Most of the Pilipino are Catholic and therefore you will see a lot of church in Philippine.  Is that the reason why the people here are friendly and bright ? 

The weather was windy that day as raining season, and this caused me missed my trip to Bohol island. 

A lot of tourist from other part of Philippine and HK

Love the Building structure 

as usual, the ceiling in the Church

There is a Gallery beside the church

The Balloons ...

This is the view outside the Church..
A lot of people selling here

Yeah! My favorite !
Mcdonald's in Cebu ~
They have Coke float & Coffee Float !!!

Super nice !

And this is a MUST go restaurant in Cebu !!
Casa Verde
Amerian-style Casual Dining in Cebu
They are famous with the Baby Ribs, you will need to Queue up during Dinner Time

The Mango shake is superb !
a little sour and sweet ~ They blend with Fresh Mangoes

The most famous Baby ribs !
100% satisfaction ~!
and the price super cheap , just sgd$6+ 

Outside the restaurant~

The photos with the Staffs in Casa Verde..
Super friendly ~

.. ....   >> Casa Verde Menu <<  ... ...


Unknown said...

How was your experience in Cebu? I'm going there next week! :)

imchacha said...

It was great!
You will love it ^^
remember massage every day!

Unknown said...

Wow! You've been to Cebu. I went there November 2010. And I think many has changed. As for the Crown Regency Hotel, they've added a new recreational adventure, the Zipline. Hee Have you tried that and the Skywalk and Edge Coaster? :)

imchacha said...

Omg ~ Belle !
I didnt been the hotel >.<
but u know what ? im going to Cebu again next April!!
I love Cebu omg !!!!

Jenice Guevarra said...

Next time when you go back to Cebu try to eat CNT Cebu Lechon! and Go to Bohol! You'll gonna love it there especially during summer.. :)

imchacha said...

Im gonna try for sure!!!!