(Sponsored) Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar Review

I love natural skin care. Feel lucky to have a chance to try this 100% Natural Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar. They have variety of choices depends on what is your skin type and concern. I got the Creamy Vanilla for my Dry Skin. I heard this brand from my colleaugue, Bella. She is the one who bought few Cleansing Bar and the Gamila Dish online. I'm not a person who into cleansing bar at beginning as I don't like the face feeling tight and dehydrated, but Gamila made me fall in love as it made your skin heals itself, from the Inside - Out.

How it actually helps our skin to heal itself?

Gamila Secret
Creamy Vanilla Cleansing Bar

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I love the feeling after using Gamila Secret 

What is Gamila Secret?
Gamila Secret is made of the unique mixture of herb extracts natural oils and extra virgin Syrian olive oil, which has excellent anti-oxidant potency and contains a combination of fifteen different plants. A combination that develop by a girl called Gamila Hiar who comes from Galilee. She was inspired by her father , an expert on plants and an authority on medical herbs. Gamila Hiar discovered her talent to mix the right herbs and cook them in a specific order to create a substance with a nourishing effect.

What made Gamila Secret so Special?
- More than 80% extra virgin olive oil to keep the skin breathe
- 100% Natural Skin Product from Galilee
- 15 hand picked active healing herbs combined with abundance of natural oils
- All Gamila Secret are made by hand from first to last which ensures the active elements in the ingredients are preserved.

How Should Gamila Secret be Used?
1) Moisten the Cleansing Bar with Warm water between the hands so the 100% natural living ingredients can be activated.
2) Massage the cleansing bar till you see the creamy texture appear
3) Apply directly to face or body
4) Massage the cream texture into your skin ( about 15 seconds )
5) Rinse off

Gamila Secret SG official Website: http://gamilasecret.sg/
Gamila Secret MY official Website: http://gamilasecret.my/
Gamila Secret US : http://www.gamila.com/#/


Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar Review:
I Love it because:
- it doesn't leave the skin feeling dry and tight
- your skin moisture up as it contain more than 80% extra virgin olive oil which also helps anti-oxidant
- restore the elastic of your skin like baby skin
- minimize pores
- purely natural ( I prefer natural skin care <3 )

Do you know?
Your skin has several layers and continuously renew itself after using Gamila Secret. It takes 28 days for the deepest layer to reach the surface, that's why you should use Gamila Secret for a minimum 4-6 weeks in order to allow a totally new, hydrated skin to build up by itself.


Eriol Loh said...

Interested with this❤

imchacha said...

Hey Eriol, you are super Fast !!!
❤ I love it too~ no stress to use this as no chemical at all~ ^^ I love natural skin care to boost up the skin's health .. ^^ try it~!