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First of all, super Thanks to Jeraldine & Jolene from CozyCot & Docte who create the chance for me to try the Spa & Body Care range from Docte, I'm tempted in their products which designed for Health and Beauty and attracted with their wide range of Safe. Then I search for their website and get some information from their company background , I was totally stunned!  The company is older than me! So far i tried all the 4 products given from Docte, and I'm 100% satisfied with them! Everything is natural without chemical colouring or fragrance, Organically Cultivated. I Love Natural Stuff !!

I believe a lot of people sitting in front of the computer for more than 8 hours per day, the way that we sit and the way that we concentrate on the screen may cause the muscle ache sometimes. Docte is a brand designed for Sub-Health like Back pain, Menstrual pain or neck and shoulder pain.
Strongly recommend on their Satin Body Oil.

Impressed by the Trainer from Docte, She is so kind and Lovely by giving
the advice and teach me step by step how to use their products.
** Provided a set of user guide for me >v< **

Docte Satin Body Oil :

How to use

  1. To relieve pain on neck, shoulder, waist and back
    Promotes lymphatic drainage and inflow of interstitial fluid. Helps distribute protein, fats and oxygen, get rid of waste water at the same time.- Put your palms flat on your skin, stroke outwards from under ear (patting is also applicable)
  2. Promote Whole Body Lymphatic Drainage by applying pressure on foot reflective zone
    Stimulate the contraction and expansion of smooth muscle tissue to promote blood flow and lymph drainage so that oxygen will be provided to body and skin.- Apply Satin Body Oil and do a light massage on the sole and behind the knee
    - Begin from ankle, pull upwards to inner thigh, apply slight pressure while pulling (patting is also applicable).

Docte Satin Body Oil Review:
I love it because...   
- super relaxing with the lemon glass smell after application
- very good for body massage and relaxing purposes ( I can sleep very well after this )
- skin smoothen after application
- muscle relieves
- can use for menstrual pain message and foot bath as well
- all natural ingredients, feel comfortable to use

 Docte Advanced Body Contour Ampoules :

How to use

  1. For Obesity
    Remove dampness through diuresis, slimming
    Cross the hand and place over abdomen. Inhale and slowly exhale, press downward the abdomen accordingly to the breathing rhythm. Forces need to penetrate into intra-abdominal. Repeat 10-20 times.
  2. Constipation, diarrhoea, bloated
    Improve bowel movement
    Using the palms of your hands, at the point under the xiphoid, rub slowly in circular motion with uniform force in clockwise direction for 1 to 2 mins.

Docte Advanced Body Contour Ampoules Review:
I Love it because...   
- it helps to break down stubborn fats and keep burning the fat for whole day
- burning fats without bad feeling ( no heating no pain at all )
- I manage to apply my legs, my tummy and my arms with 1 ampoules
- continues 4 ampoules and i feel my skin softened, fats cellulite seems broke down
- all natural ingredients, feel comfortable to use

Docte Streactin Max Effect :

How to use

Apply twice a day on vulnerable areas with light massage to enhance absorption.

Docte Streactin Max Effect Review:
I Love it because...   
- it works for stretch marks! Perfectly work for the strech marks on my thigh  T_T
- helps with cracked skin, usually for our heels and elbow
- very moisture and instantly recover the hydration of your skin
- all natural ingredients, feel comfortable to use

Docte Sugar Scrub :

How to use

Use twice a day, apply evenly on skin and face, rub lightly, rinse off with water.

Docte Sugar Scrub Review:
I Love it because...   
- made by sugar and moisture the skin instantly after the exfoliating
- the sugar melts slowly after application, adviced to use with cleansing milk
- you can even scrub on your lips with this sugar scrub
- easily remove dead skin and brighten up the skin tone
- all natural ingredients, feel comfortable to use

They do have a lot of other products like Face care, Body Care, Eye Care, Slim Contour , Bust Firming , Spa indulgence range ...etc  , all made with natural ingredients and use of Botanical science. I feel really comfortable and attracted by its wide range of safe ... Super interested in  "Bust Firming Emulsion" .. LOL..It worth for a try as natural ingredients. 

" I will definitely buy their product again !  ^^ "

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