InstaGram ~ my Monthly Update ^v^ for September ~

my cute Danbo 

I believe a lot of you playing Instagram . It's a Fast, Beautiful and Fun way to share your photos around the world. What you need to do is just Snap > Choose your filter > and Share ! That's easy! Most important thing is.. it is FREE !!!  

I found this is an Amazing App as you can easily make friends around the world, purely snapshot and pictures.At the same time, you can improve your photo shooting skill by looking at other's photo. I Love the filter provided in Instagram App, it transform the look and feel of your ordinary photo.

Wedding gown !!!
Many people asking : Are u getting marry ? Congratz!!
Hey common, I'm still young ~btw, nobody wanna marry me LOL

 I drew this after i got bullied by some people 

The sky turn to Red during the SunSet

the cupcake with Love from Sweetie - Belle 

My sweet Room 

Arranging my Blythe >v<

This is a gift from a Korean Obba - Jack

Super sweet envelope with dinner money by obba- Denny

This is why I need to save for trip >v<''

My owner treat me this ^^ Love cherries

Morning~ on my way to office`

 no longer a little girl..

Sun light ~

Love my hair... growing longer

Melon sorbet from our Cafe

In the Game room during our lunch time

Went to the Scary Bintan trip =.=''

The Lucky clover by Alex Zhou

Had my Red Ruby dessert ! one of my favourite~

I love to wear long skirt ^^

My cute Craftholic doll~

On my way to office

Working on public holiday ~peaceful

Mature ?

Little surprised by SuDan

My Mr. Pokka dot ~ another Craft holic doll~

Holiday mood lol

during the day 

Lovely gift from Sudan

Love Craftholic !!

Friday drinking & Singing night with my family 

Met my childhood friend in SG - Catie

Lomo-graphy ? Love it !!

Love Green ~ 

Fruit salad ... super happy

Our Denny obba , looks like a student!

Drinking day with Catie in Holland Village

Concert at MBS ~ super exciting !

a girl waiting for ..someone ?

A saturday gathering in Carol's Luxury house

Super cute Sanny from Sudan

I have to start learning again~ Korean!!

Melon day !! I love fruit~

Cosplay ? I'm a student ~lol

Suzanne bought this from Japan!!!

Having a tea after work~

I love Meat !! Having the meat buffet during weekend!

Sleepy afternoon~

Play ~~ time

Beautiful mood `

OMG!! Finally i got it ! Olympus OMD ~ Super Awesome!!!

The day before short trip to Penang~

A little surprised in Penang!

First time ..with Apple Cider~ <3

Blurr face after woke up in the hotel~

Lovely hotel in Penang~

Love the pure white design~

Rainy day..the feeling of leaving

Look like wedding decoration

Bought Wine in Duty Free~

A special handmade doll from Cara Liu

I Love lotions!!! 
Next time if someone asking me what to buy me as a gift,
I will say : Lotion!!!lolx

Super cute glasses from Alex Zhou
Grab your free glasses here before 14 September 2012

Make up during Weekend!!

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Nemesis said...

OMD... Nice camera, me likey, unfortunately wallet too lighty.

But on a more serious note, I would marry you... just kidding... or am I? :D

imchacha said...

^_^ thank you so much!
tes OMD is really a great camera^^
feel so good~

haha~you said you would marry me ? lox!!!!