[Sharing] Ottie White Bubble Clean Pore Mask Review 毛孔潔淨泡泡面膜

Ottie - White Bubble Clean Pore Mask Review 
Ottie 毛孔潔淨汽泡面膜
I never heard this brand before until  Bella  told me about their bubble mask. Ottie is a brand from Korea, but not well known in our country. One of the reasons is because there are too many skin care or cosmetic range from Korea. Special Thanks to Bella as she passed me her Ottie Bubble Mask few days ago and let me try it out, therefore I have a chance to share it here...

This is how the packaging looks like

I Love the design of the bottle..
It keeps your product anti-oxidants

Simply apply the gel type mask on your face ..
and the Bubble appears after a few seconds..

The Before & After ...
My face was oily and uneven face tone...
(  <---   my oily forehead =.='' )

The price is consider reasonable .. selling around sgd$30 .. Bella got hers from Taiwan Online Store.
I will try to find some details and try to order online directly from Korea. Super recommend this Bubble Mask. Worth for a try ^^

I Love it because:
- Skin brightened up 
- Remove dead skin , white heads instantly
- Skin condition is better after the bubble mask , hydrated and softened
- Good absorption on skin care products after this bubble mask

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Unknown said...

I´m thinking about buying this product. After reading your blogpost I think it´s worth a try. ^^

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Hi Shiny,

I subscribe yours too!