( Shanghai Kitchen 香滿樓@ Chinatown ) a Lovely gathering for Shanghai Cuisine

I went for a lovely gathering last Saturday with my cute buddies... Carol,Sudan & Denny obba. ( Feel like want to dance Obba Gangnam Style when the korean obba is here. Haha.. ) Sudan brought us to this Shanghai Cuisine located at Temple Street, China town Singapore. I will say that the Xiao Long Pau here is pretty Yummy ~ similar to the one I ate in Shanghai ..or maybe I was too hungry that day lolx~

Happy mood during weekend   >v<

Wanna be special ?
.. my Coke vs Lime juice

This is what i Love the most !
The Siau Long Pau.. Just $5 ~ And the taste is similar to the Shanghai one.

Fried Fish ... don't know what fish is this.. lolx

Rice Cake ! similar to the Korean Rice Cake.
our Denny obba Love this so much ..

Another thing that i don't know..
Something like the bamboo shoots..

This is the second dishes that I like .. Pork Rib in sweet and vinegar sauce

Duck Soup ... 

The Vege Dumpling Soup ..
Miss the Korea one in In-Sa-Dong

Yummy Dessert that I ordered twice..
Boiled Glutinous Rice Balls 

They are located in the Heard of China Town , Singapore
in Temple Street , right opposite of Yum Cha Restaurant

Singapore China Town Shanghai Kitchen
--> address: 36 Temple Street  Singapore 058581
--> phone: 6222 4802

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thanks for sharing.

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