It's Friday ~~~!! Let's Jump !! - by Denny Ryu

It's Friday !! Let's Jump !!! Yesterday was Singapore National Day , everyone seems enjoy the holiday in their sweet sweet home .. besides of me. Worked as usual but feel Free and Easy as PH always peaceful in the company.  Another thing that made me happy was ...

Someone asked me : Do you want to take a photo here ??

A simple sentence that made my day !! Love the Japanese girl who expert in Floating ... Her photo always stunning and unique , Love the way she appeared in the photos..
click here >>  hayashinatsumi 日本漂浮少女  

Someone's Photo shooting skill seems improved !
These photos without editing ..

Jump !!!
Trying to have some special photos too ..
Love the Natural Sun Light in the photo !
* clap clap for you Denny *

I want to Float like you , Hayashinatsumi... ahahaha 
Look like a ghost    :P

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Unknown said...

Eyyyy,, I like this one..Nice shots..^^

imchacha said...

Thanks !!! ^^

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imchacha said...

Hey Mr Lonely !!!
Thanks for coming again !!