(Sponsored) TBS Tea Tree oil & Tea Tree Pore Minimizer Review

The Body Shop - Tea Tree Skin care
"A natural, targeted solution to help clear and soothe blemishes quickly without over drying the skin. Our Community Trade organic tea tree oil grows on the foothills of Mount Kenya in mineral-rich volcanic soil. The leaves are handpicked and irrigated with glacial water for effective oil and is renowned for its natural purifying antibacterial properties to help soothe blemished skin."

TBS Tea Tree Oil
Firstly , I have no clue about this "oil", what is it for ? Checked on the website and found a lot of people sharing the review and saying this is good for pimples and blemishes skin. I wish i can try it but i don't have any pimple right now and therefore i passed it to one of my friend and try it out. This Tea Tree Oil have a strong herb's smell, some people may not like it but it is alright for me. 

How to use it
Clean your face and apply the toner. Apply a small amount of this Tea Tree oil directly to your blemish using a clean cotton or fingertip. It can be use for massaging or warm foot bath.

Review and Feeling 
My Friend Love it because ...
- Feel Soothe and Fresh after application
- Size of Blemish reduced after 1 night and Blemish clear out after 3 days 
- minimize the scar on face
- help to clear out the pimple without drying the skin
- keep the face clean and anti bacteria without tightening the skin
- work well in clogged pores too

Something that she don't like ..
- the packaging =.=''   hardly get the drop out from the bottle as you need to shake it hardly

TBS Tea Tree Oil

TBS Tea Tree Oil

TBS Tea Tree Pore Minimizer

TBS Tea Tree Pore Minimizer
Another Best selling product from TBS. Perfect for the oily and blemished skin as its instantly soften the skin and mattify the skin. It just like a Primer.. Mat the enlarge pores before the make up without clog the pores and stay fresh ! 

How to use it
Apply this after moisturizer but before make up. Apply a thin layer on the enlarged pores will do.

Review and Feeling
I Love it because...
- The non greasy texture is light and menthol fresh after application
- absorb quickly into the skin and not sticky at all
- The smell is natural tea smell 
- Mat your face in just one sec without clogging the pores
- Provide a shine-free skin from morning till night
- Clinically proven pore's size reduced after 4 weeks

Something that I don't Like...
- nothing

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Anonymous said...

hi cha cha~ guy can use or not?

imchacha said...

yes^^ guy can use as well~

Unknown said...

Hi Ms. Charlene :) I am Belle from the Philippines. This helped me out about my recent purchase of The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser. I'm using it for 2 days now and I'm loving the results. Uhmmm, can I ask for recommendation? What's the most effective anti-acne product would you recommend for acne-prone girls like me? Thank you :)

imchacha said...

Hey Belle ^^
Thanks for your comment~ the comments and feedback really make me feel happy and feel like sharing more and more. If you want to get a product for anti acne, i have some solution, you may try to check out this post : http://im-chacha.blogspot.sg/2012/04/solution-for-better-skin-small-review.html

Unknown said...

Hi again :) My recent purchase of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil was inspired by this blog post. Hee I wanna try it for myself and hopefully it works fast. By the way, I've checked the link you've given me. As much as I want to try some of the products, I think it's not available here in the Philippines... Thanks anyway. Maybe some other time, when I get to visit Singapore. Hopefully on March 2013. Hee *crossing my fingers to it*

imchacha said...

Wow!! its great to hear that you might coming!
you can actually try to order online these days, you can get something that not selling in Phillippine..

Wish you have a good trip to come to SG ^^
thanks for coming Belle ~^^

Unknown said...

This product is reliable and commonly used brand name, the Clinique is a product that doubles as a colour for too., that is, it does not only hides your face fine lines but tightens the pores too. minimize pores

imchacha said...

Thanks for sharing, jerry ~

Herryponting said...

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser: I would be getting tea tree oil separately, maybe from .... I have the body shop pore minimizer in my wishlist too!
Desert Essence Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil

Unknown said...

Hi Ms. Charlene,
Thanks for this post. I’m looking for a pore minimizer which is affordable and can be purchased anywhere here in the Philippines.
~Pauline @Kallony