GRAND Plastic Surgery Korea : My Liposuction Review with Before & After Photos

It has been 7 months since I’ve gone through Liposuction surgery, and I think this is the best time for me to write a review regarding it. Cosmetic surgery has been a norm these days, with exceptional low risk but effective way for better shape, almost every lady are falling in love with it. Many curious what happened to me after the surgery, thus I’m writing a review to share about my experience about liposuction, and hopefully it would help to those who are interested or planning to go for it.

1. Is Liposuction painful?
To be frank, throughout the operation till post operation, I do not feel much pain with it. There’s bit of swelling with the treated area, which is normal. Only when the next day of operation, I felt pain to put on the compression garment as per required. It is kindly painful as the garment has to be tighter for the treated area, which is my both of my thigh. On the third day, there will be bruises all over both swelling thigh and you won’t really want to move your legs. It is the pain from the bruise and swelling, rather than the treated area.

2. How long it takes to recover from Liposuction?
The toughest moments will be the first 2 weeks post liposuction surgery. I can’t really move my legs and it is never comfortable sitting or lying on the bed . Wearing a smaller size compression garment over the both of the extremely swelling thighs for the first week post operation, you have to be really be tough with yourself. First week post-procedure and I still have a good bit of discomfort and swelling. The great and lucky part was a good friend of mine has been taking real good care of me, buying food and spoon feeding me lol. I’ve spent most of my time for the first 2 weeks staying in hotel room, working with my blogs, singing like a crazy kid and keep eating! Healthy food of course. 2 weeks later, I felt less painful and I can basically move around slowly, but yet not too much. Still, I can’t bend down my knees and walking stairs is a real tough job. Though I’m slow like a turtle, basically I can take a little care of myself.

3. Will there be scar after Liposuction?
Yes, there will be scar post Liposuction surgery, approximately 1cm and usually it will be hidden at the bikini line.

4. How am I satisfied with Liposuction?
I would give 7 out of 10. As I’ve moved to Malaysia 2 months post surgery, I’ve gained weight due to lack of self control and unable to resist with all these FOODS... I’m not 100% satisfied with my Liposuction result, but yet there is difference before and after the surgery. Though I do understand that the risk is higher if removing more fat, I would still take the chance to go for it once again, especially if it would look great putting on the skinny jeans. But for sure, my thighs are now with better shape and they would look better if I could push myself a little harder doing more exercise.

5. How much it cost for Liposuction?
The surgery cost varies from person to person, depending with the parts that you wish to remove fat. I would strongly suggest or recommend any of those who really want to go for Liposuction, you’d better contact the institutions for a quotation.

6. Which institution would I recommend?
I’ve done my liposuction surgery with Grand Plastic Surgery Korea. The overall services and customer experience was great with me, especially with the hospitality and facilities, I am totally impressed as it is almost on par with any five star hotel. This is why it is on my top list of recommendations as both staffs and doctors are friendly and experienced. It is very important to select the right institution for any of the cosmetic surgeries. Though the cost of my surgery was sponsored by the institution, but I didn’t receive any additional pays to promote this institution. Feel free to conduct your own surveys and go for whichever that you preferred.

7. Is Liposuction all about losing weight?
Liposuction is not something you should look for to lose weight. It is more about helping to shape your body and for you to have a better body shape of yourself.

8. Will you lose weight after Liposuction?
Yes but not too much. I’ve lost approximately 0.5 kg after the surgery. But visually, there is obvious view with my thigh before and after the surgery.

Before & After Liposuction
I can definitely tell the difference from here

Before Liposuction:

After Liposuction:

Nothing will change unless you change. I'm happy with my decision to go for liposuction, no regrets for sure as I get a pair of toner and balanced legs, and I wish to do it once again to get the perfect skinny jeans long legs if I could. =)
Do leave a comment here if you have any further enquiries that I didn't cover here in the post.

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