Monthly picks - December


Another year is now coming to an end, it's time for me to share my favourite picks of the month. This might gives you some ideas on your Christmas gift or something new to try for your New Year. I'm gonna try out more and more products in this coming new year and do more review for you girls I swear. There will be a Massive Giveaway next week on my blog and Instagram @charlene22, Stay Tuned!

Mossimoto : Perfect personalized gift


Christmas is around the corner and everyone seems started to shop for their Christmas presents. A lot of stores start selling their Christmas gift sets, but I'm a person who prefer a special customized gift like this instead of hand balm or shower sets that you can find everywhere.   =(

I love plants and I always do. I used to have three plants in my Apple office last time as I have a big table for them. I'm happy to have a Mossarium in my new office as it is super easy to keep and no water needed. Most importantly - it looks super cool and it makes me happy!

Botox + Fillers : 3 Steps to Korean Heart Shaped V-Face


What if you can have your face touch up without surgery? Due to high rates of satisfaction and no down time, aesthetic injection treatments have been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years. Glad to have this opportunity to try on both Botox & Filler and the result is Amazing!

For ladies who doesn't want to have invasive surgery, Botox and Filler are definitely a good idea for a prettier and younger face. I feel so happy that I have my heart shaped V-Face after the injection suggested by Dr J. I'm not sure about the aesthetic treatment in Singapore at first as I feel the doctors here might have a different sense about "beautiful face". Afraid not, I done my Botox and Filler with Dr J and I'm super happy with my face now! 

Did I mention about no down time? I went to work on the next day and none of my colleague can tell what I did on my face until I told them. If you want some changes for your upcoming X'mas and New Year image, I think this is definitely the right timing to do a little trick to your face. Guess what? They are having a Promotion now! 

Read more for my Yume Aesthetic Revew:

Lumi-Oxy Review & Contest


I have always imagined what it would be like to pamper my tired skin; and in the convenience of my home. We may not have enough time to spare to go for facials; and not enough money to enjoy it as each session will cost quite a bit of money. Fortunately, I have finally found the 1thing that delivers all that and more – Lumi-Oxy! We have all heard about the benefits and effectiveness of LED light technology. However, the Lumi-Oxy introduces the usage of BOTH LED Light therapy and Ozone Therapy. Isn’t that amazing?!

The Lumi-Oxy is a Revolutionary Personal Aesthetic Technology that combines Ozone Therapy and NASA’S LED Light Therapy to refine, renew and rejuvenate your skin. A first to combine both technologies into one device, the Lumi-Oxy tackles four major concerns many Asians encounter - Pores, Pimples, Pigmentation and Wrinkles.

The Lumi-Oxy purifies and renews skin by producing tiny amounts of germ-fighting ozone upon contact with the skin. In addition, red and blue LED light rays with subtle heat are absorbed by the skin, complementing the rejuvenating process.

Art Jamming @Arteastiq


One way to de-stress, Art Jam!
I don't know about painting but colour makes me happy, when I see colour, I see rainbow. So happened to bump into the store and enjoyed their Wednesday Ladies Night deal, a special rate at $38 for a 3 hour painting session with a free drink.

A nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban city life, Arteastiq is tucked away at the top floor of Mandarin Gallery. The boutique tea house serves an interesting variety of unqiue, alcoholic, fruit tea sets and desserts in a luxurious relaxing setting lined with designer furniture. I love their lychee ice tea so much!

Group Therapy Cafe @Duxton Road


It is a hidden gem located along Duxton Road, Group Therapy Cafe is a space tucked away on the 2nd storey of a reconstructed shophouse. I fell in love as I stepped inside the cafe. It is one of those places that you would find it impossible not to like. Definitely one of my new favourite cafes in Singapore. 

Look at me!


I'm looking at you! Haha.
Had fun taking photos around Chinatown today. I love the blue wall right opposite my office, which is super cool. I'm getting more and more hardworking recently for photo shooting - something that I love from the start.

I also become super active in Instagram @charlene22 recently, just in case if you are not following me yet. Appreciate those who are following me and that's the reason why I have over 12k followers now! Thanks!! I'm gonna host a giveaway soon on my Instagram, stay tuned! I'm seriously addicted to Instagram these days and I can find myself checking Instagram every five to ten minutes for stunning photos. This is definitely a good platform for us to discover great photos around the world.

Thanks everyone who happen to read this post, that means you are giving me your support too!
❤   xoxo  ❤


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