It's more Fun in Davao, Philippines - My Adventurous trip 2016

A clean and smoke-free city in the Philippines - Davao ranked as 4th safest in 349 cities in the world!

This is my 4 Days 4 Nights trip with a bunch of lovely influencers from Nuffnang Singapore by Cebu Pacific Air. Thanks to everyone who made it happened and I'm blessed to get a chance to explore this beautiful city.

Cebu Pacific Air - Philippine's largest airline fly from Singapore to the eco-adventure capitol of Davao thrice weekly. Lowest year-round fares start from SGD182. For bookings and promos, visit Cebu Pacific Air Website or call +65-315-80808.

Whitening Drip in Malaysia 美白點滴 (Vit C + Glutathione 快速美白的方法~)

Always want a fabulous fair skin like those Korean or Japanese girls.
Super duper fair from top to toe. I believe the weather and the place of living may caused the skin colour different, but for us who staying in a country which "luckily" with 365 days of Summer, Who doesn't want a fair skin ?

Chinese always believe that : If you have fair skin , then you obtained 70% of beauty overall
華人有句話說: 一白遮三丑 ~

I'm a girl into those beauty supplement such as collagen drink, whitening pills or sheep placenta supplement. I'll never let any chances go as long as the supplement can make my skin glow. I used to take collagen drink which contained 10,000mg per bottle and consume Vitamin C and E daily in order to maintain healthy skin. I know that I'm not a girl who drink a lot of water or eat healthy frequently, therefore I wish to have healthyand fair skin with the help of supplements, as I truly believe that "Prevention is always better than Cure ".

People who has dark spots or scars may consider whitening drip as it helps lightened up the spots and scars. Besides, the Vitamin C inside the drip helps to boost up our antibiotic and let us stay away from illness. The Glutathione inside the drip also helps on the prevention of cancer as it is one of the master of antioxidant along with Vitamin E.

[Giveway] SUNRIDER Signature Skincare Products Review

My recent skincare regime goes to --- SUNRIDER!
Thank's to Sunrider Singapore for giving me this chance to try out their signature skincare range and do a review to share with y'all. I'm totally new to this brand and I went down to their latest retail outlet located in Jurong Point Shopping Mall. The manager and the SA are knowledgeable about their products and they gave me a lot of advice and ideas on skincare tips.

About Sunrider:

SUNRIDER originated from the USA. It was founded in 1982 by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, a world-renowned herbalist. It currently has operations in more than 50 countries worldwide. Sunrider develops and self-manufactures an exclusive array of herbal foods and beverages, natural dietary and weight loss supplements, regenerative skincare products, vegetable-based cosmetics, and eco-friendly household products. In Singapore, Sunrider operates a retail chain of 11 outlets conveniently located across the island.

Addicted to wear Whites - How to clean white clothing?

I'm totally into white if you know me well. Wearing white just make me feel clean, tidy, happy and lovely. In order to impress, white need to be clean and shining bright without a single dot!

But I realised, I'm not good in keeping my white outfits as clean as new. They always went back home with dirts and stains after my day out. I really have no clue to remove the stains and ended up hang them into the closet without wearing them again which is super sad and wasted.

Then the happiest thing happened since last week I met one of my celebrity friend - @weepinggoh 
He then recommended me the incredible laundry bar - Japanese Magic which able to clean any dirts and stains on white outfits and turn them into a new piece. I was so excited and bought it the next day. You can get this in any big hypermarket, I grabbed mine from Jaya Grocer and it cost about RM11.

You have no Future!

Self-help gurus and Zen Buddhists tell us to live in the present, doest it matter?
It matters.

Because when you are happy, enthusiastic, absorbed, in love, you plug into the power of Universe. When you are dissatisfied, distracted and depressed, you are unplugged, and when you are unplugged, you are powerless to create anything better.

Your key to a better life is to feel good Now. Not next week, not when you pay off the apartment, not when peace is declared in the Middle East.

Every moment that you spend regretting the past or fearing the future is an affirmation that life is lousy, and so you get more of "lousy".

Here's another reason to live in the present:
The future doesn't exist. You have no future!
Of course, we pretend it does. We pretend that time is like a piece of string where the past is on once end, the future is on the other end, and the present is in the middle. Not so.

All we have is an eternally unfolding present moment. The only time you will ever meet the future is when it becomes NOW. And when the future is now, it is not the future. There is no value in waiting for something doesn't exist.

It is useless telling yourself " I Will be rich, I Will be happy, I Will be successful."
When your mind is in the future you are spinning your wheels.

Your power is in the present: " I AM rich, I AM happy, I AM successful."
I AM that I AM. The two most powerful words in the Universe are, "I AM"

You are perfectly designed to handle present moments. Remind yourself, " Right this second I have everything I need. I choose to enjoy THIS moment." Every second that you live in the present moment is an affirmation that life is good, and that feeling goodness showers more goodness to you.

Silky Girl : Expert Brow Slim Liner & Moisture Boost Lipcolor BalmReview

Fun, Young, Colourful & exudes confidence  SILKYGIRL is currently available in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. 

SILKYGIRL is no stranger to me as I was attracted by their colourful packaging a few years ago. I've always been curious about this brand and now I have the opportunity to try and share about their new Expert Brow Slim Liner and Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm!

 Expert Brow Slim Liner

As you girls know, your brows frame your face and the way they are shaped, changes the way you look. 

Borsch Med Bind & Block FAT Review

After the season of family reunions and festivities, a time of happiness and feasting might lead some of you to put on weight due to overeating.

Potato chips, chocolates and fried chicken wings are so irresistible that you find yourself postponing your diet plans again and again, only to realize that you could not fit into your favourite jeans anymore. If you are nodding to the above mentioned situations, then Borsch Med’s Bind&Block FAT is here to put your mind at ease.

Did you know that excess fat intake if not being converted to energy, will be stored in adipose ( fat ) tissues, resulting in weight gain?