Best diving spot in Malaysia & Borneo: Scuba Tiger, the diving resort in Semporna Sabah

Just back to my home sweet home and I can't wait to share my very first scuba diving experience with y'all! I've went through the DSD ( Discovery Scuba Diving ), a program offered by PADI, it's a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.

Thanks to Scuba Tiger a beach and seaside resort located on the mainland of Semporna, the gateway to all the beautiful and heavenly islands around the east coast of Sabah who invited me for this wonderful experience, finally I'm exploring more about Malaysia!

Was worried about the safeness at first, as I've heard people keep talking about the kidnapping incident years back. Feel glad that I've made my trip here to witness the beauty of Semporna!

It's stunning! 

Took me three hours from KLIA Malaysia flew to Tawau, and an hour ride from Taiwau airport to ScubaTiger Resort.

I stayed in a water villa cost RM400 - RM500 per night depends on season. Price is affordable compare to Maldives, and the best part is - it's not crowded at all! I can then relax to the max!

I did a day of island hopping with ScubaTiger and snorkelling at the middle of the sea. Then I did my DSD ( Discovery Scuba Diving ) with their experienced tutor. It cost about RM500 and it's totally worth it! For those who plan to dive can go for this DSD program and see if you really like it before you go for and get your diving licence. The ocean is huge. Colourful corals and fishes are dancing in front of my eyes, and I also swim with my favourite sea turtle. I found myself inner peace while I'm under the sea.

Photos by ScubaTiger

The water is ultimate! Crystal Clear!

I really love this place. You don't need to pay a big money but it's totally stunning as Maldives! I love how peaceful it is, no crowd and not touristy. People are friendly here, food are good and Thanks to ScubaTiger for my wonderful diving and holiday experience in such a lovely place.

ScubaTiger contact number:+60198966996      

ScubaTiger wechat: @ScubaTiger

2017 H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection: Turns Discarded Plastic Into Evening Gowns

From plastic bottles to yarn, from yarn to fabric - H&M has launched their Conscious Exclusive Collection yesterday around the world. 

An ethereal evening gown made from 89 plastic bottles?

The Hero piece in H&M’s new Conscious Exclusive Collection isn’t a basic T-shirt or dress—it’s a pleated, sweeping blush-color gown with swirling ruffles and a billowing skirt. It’s also the first piece of eveningwear ever made with Bionic Yarn, and looks fit for a black-tie gala.

I'm so in love in this piece of art and imagine myself walking on the red carpet. 

"When you talk about sustainable fashion, I still think people have these misconceptions around how it will look. This is one way of showing them what is possible," Johansson told The Huffington Post Australia at a media event in Stockholm.

Japan Travel Guide 2017 : Plan your trip is super easy with Odigo

Planning your trip well helps you get what you want and find the experiences you wish for, without risking your hard-earned days off. Have you ever go to a bookstore and grab yourself a travel guide book before the trip? Some traveller like myself will go online and do some research to plan my trip. And recently I found Odigo, which is even easier for you who are planning a trip to Japan!

There're a lot of informative posts shared by the users around the world, and especially by the local! You can also create your itinerary via the website with all the tips and transport details given. Odigo is basically a full platform for you to get recommendations from local experts, create and customise your itineraries, get directions and also share your trip and travel experiences with others. 

Like myself, I'm a travel blogger and people often ask me about travel tips and must-eat food in Japan, I've then post about my travel experience here to share with more people who would love to go to Japan.

My latest updates for Japan trip:

I would love to share more of my Japan trip experiences on Odigo to help the community, on top of that I can earn Odigo points on my posts which can be redeemed for Amazon gift vouchers, and coming soon with Japan tour packages. It's a super win win way to share and gain at the same time.

Best thing is, I discovered a lot of fun and interesting facts and info from the locals! The posts as below are so informative and cool!

I can't stop myself surfing on Odigo and get more details from the community, they are really good in sharing almost everything about Japan! I found it super interesting, it's better than travel guide book indeed! Can't wait for my next trip to Japan, and I'll definitely do more write up to share with the community. Awww, Japan is worth to pay a visit for sure! Plan your trip today with Odigo.

Be a member and get inspired today at

Finnair Business Class: Fly from Singapore to Helsinki Finland is so Comfy

I'm so lucky to embark on the #NBEFinland blogger trip with #VisitFinland this year and Thanks to Finnair who was taking care of my return flight from Singapore to Helsinki Finland. I flew the economy class from Singapore to Helsinki, and business class back from Helsinki to Singapore. The experience was incredible!

It was a twelve-hour direct flight and I couldn't imagine if I can sit still for such a long flight at the beginning. And then I found myself an answer - Yes, I prefer a direct flight!

After experiencing on a direct flight with Finnair, I found that it's least tiring, I reserved my energy and I slept so well after two glasses of wines haha.

I can't wait to share my Finnair Business Class Experience with y'all. Here we go!

follow the arrow =)
There's a special check in counter and private security check lane for business class

I was there three hours before the flight, and enjoyed the Finnair lounge like a boss.
Guess what? There's a sauna here in the lounge!

Feel so cosy here.

A welcomed drink was here with a fabulous glass of champagne

Personally love this system so much!
They elaborate clearly on which hour you will get meal and your entire journey in details.

Menus are so cool!

Thanks to the air crew who took a few photos for me. You guys are awesome!

I really love this experience with Finnair. Although it was a twele-hours long flight but it was fantastic, it didn't get me exhausted like my past experience to travel to Europe with other airlines. I can totally enjoy myself with the in-flight entertainment and food! Yes, their food is super good.

I can't wait to fly again with Finnair. To explore the world, I guess this would be my first choice to fly with.

Check out more to fly with Finnair:

12 Reasons to travel to Finland in 2017

Finland is a little hidden gem located far up North. Just back from a two-week trip traveling in Finland, and I feel like I want to move over to Finland and stay for a while. I found so many reasons to travel to Finland in no time, I can't wait to share it with all of you lovely travellers.

Photo from :
1) The Northern Lights in Finland
It's definitely on my bucket list this year! I couldn't make it for Northern Lights during my trip to Finland two weeks ago as the schedule is quite full, but I'm definitely going back again for this. The best place to spot northern lights is in Lapland Finland. They also called it The Aurora Borealis, more likely appear over 200 nights a year in Lapland, it's almost every night. This year you can take witness the northern lights to the next level as several northern destinations are opening up new and unique accommodation options.

2) Creative Food & Fine Dining in Finland
I've travelled to a few European countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland, but I found Finland is the only place that I can survive without instant cup noodle even after two weeks. Finland has really creative and quality food scene that bright up my everyday. And I realised Helsinki, Finland's capital has the most vibrant food scenes in Europe. Their food is super delicious and detailed, really happy that I've tried a lot of good food and it's definitely a place for food hunting.

3) Instagram-worthy places & postcards view in Finland
I can easily take an instagram-worthy photo like this in Finland. They have way too many postcard's view scenery in this country! You can simply just snap it with your phone and it comes out like wow! I really love every corner and every part of this country. Space to breathe, time to dream. You can find these treasures in Finland, where the lakes are many and the people are few.

Photo from one of my favorite travel blogger, Sofia:

4) Finland is the safest place in the world.
I feel safe walking alone in city parks or use public transport regardless of the hour. Finland also one of the few countries where lost wallets and mobile phones get returned based on Reader's Digest. People are so kind and honest, super pure and loved, I feel that this is the place that people aren't "polluted". The extremely low-level of crime makes Finland an ideal place for solo travelers, families and elderly travelers who might feel more vulnerable than others in cities that are known to have their fair share of crime. 

Photo from Hanna

5) Everyone speaks English in Finland
It's so easy to communicate with the people here as everyone speaks English, perfect for solo traveller too, you can simply ask anyone on the road if you need any help. 

Photo from

6) I admire the "honesty system" in Finland
There won't be anyone go into the tram to check your ticket, or anyone issue you a fine if you didn't pay for your car park. Everyone just does what they need to do by default. The Finns are so honest and this really impressed me! In many countries, rules are implemented and use to control and guide people to do what they should have done to make things fair. But in Finland, they seem don't really need any of this, they will passively do the Right Thing by their own. I love this culture, it just made me feel love everywhere! It should be like this in anywhere in the world!

Meet my beautiful Finnish friend - Hanna 

7) Asian are so welcomed by the people in Finland
This is what I strongly feel when I was in Finland! You hardly see Asians in Finland and maybe that's the reason why the Finnish are so happy when they see us in their country haha! They are so friendly and they will just talk to you no matter you are in a tram or in a coffee shop. I feel so welcomed and I couldn't get this feeling in any other European country so far. And I found myself loving Finland more and more because of the people! 

8) Art & Design district in Finland
Finland is a true design nation! Finnish culture and a strong craft tradition have brought up some of the world's most impressive designs, designers and designs related brands. I love one of their famous brands - Marimekko, it's not just something you see but something you experience. And their art centres are also must-visit places to spend an afternoon during your trip with no regrets.

Photo from
9) Sauna is everywhere here in Finland
Sauna is such a big thing in Finland! It's a common recreational activity where Finns go both to socialize and use for its relaxation purposes. There are reportedly three million saunas in Finland, a lot of them in private households. You can also experience the sauna and followed by dipping yourself into the ice hole, how cool!

Photo from
10) Santa Claus is from Finland
Did you know Santa Claus is from Finland, and you can meet him in person??? You can visit to Santa's office and enjoy a private chat with him at Rovaniemi each day of the year! I can't wait to see him and take unlimited selfies with him and the reindeers.

11) Stop Over in Finland
I've experienced the Stop Over activities in Finland and it was Amazing! It you fancy a peaceful break while traveling between continents like me, Finland is the place to stop and breathe! Their StopOver option provides passengers time to explore Finland from 5 hours to 5 days with endless possibilities to build your itinerary. You can do hiking like me in the National Park which is just half an hour drive away from Helsinki city, or simply spend half a day shopping and cafe-hopping in the city.

12) Most beautiful people in the world
Tall, fair, blue-eyed Vikings and beautiful blonde women are found in Finland! I met a few of them and they are so gorgeous! And I guess this is a super good reason to visit Finland haha! By the way, can I have their crystal blue eyes please?

So what are you waiting for?
I'm planning for my next trip already haha!!!