Tips to Stay in Shape during Chinese New Year!

It’s a season of family reunions and festivities, a time of happiness and feasting. I have then researched some tips for you to stay healthy and not overeat this Chinese New Year!

1) Hydrate yourself 
Drink more water to ensure that your body isn’t dehydrated! Sometimes we feel like quenching our thirst with a carbonated soft drink, do remember to drink water instead of sugary drinks. Water helps to remove your body toxins and good for your digestion. Have a glass of water before your meal helps to limit your food intake as well. Also, we sometimes mistake our thirst for hunger. Don’t commit that error by making sure that you are always well-hydrated!

2) Do not visit on an empty stomach
When you are hungry, you tend to overeat without thinking. Have a light meal or healthy snack of apple, banana or nuts before visiting or in between visits.

3) Be selective
Limit your intake of deep-fried meat such as pork, chicken and seafood as they are high in saturated fat. Choose nuts and seeds over sugary pineapple tarts and bak kwa (barbecued pork).

4) Always use a small plate
To avoid a bigger quantity of food easily.

5) Eat slowly
Give the brain some time to recognise that you are full, so you will not overeat. Eating slowly also helps for better digestion.

6) Limit alcohol consumption 
It's easy to forget that you can drink as many calories as you eat. Alcohol stimulates food intake and can increase feeling of hunger.

7) Stay active
Use the staircase. Park your car further so you get a chance to walk more. Don’t forget that you will be eating more calories and if you do not burn them off with exercise, they will be stored as fat.

8) Lemon is your best friend
Best way to detox and helps digestion. Drinking lemon water in the morning can help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. It also bumps up the vitamin C quotient in your body so you won't fall sick easily after feasting during CNY.

新年快樂 & 心想事成

76 Style Hair Salon Mont Kiara - Hair Color & Hair Treatment Review

76 Style Hair Salon Mont Kiara - a popular hair salon known for its unique hair colour and hair treatment. I'm happy that I've embarked my hairdo journey with them. 

Here comes the Director Stylist, Charles @76_charles who play a big role in my hair make over. He is famous for dip dyes and ombres in pink, purple, blue and yes rainbow colours dominates the scene, ashy colours and all you can think of. 

Create your own Coffee Bar / Coffee Corner

I believe every girl like me would have dream to own a cafe, then decorate it in a way we dreamed of.  However, the thought of running a cafe as a business has stopped many from achieving their dream. Hey wait, what about a small coffee corner in your house to fulfil your wish?

Thanks to the technologies today and affordable solution for better living by Ikea, you can easily get things to create your own coffee bar or corner at home.

Komodo Island & The Secret Pink Beach

The Komodo dragon is the world’s largest lizard. It’s also a creature of legend, looking, as it does, a lot like the planet’s last dinosaur left stranded in a small pocket of islands in the Indian Ocean. Stories abound of the dragons’ attacks on those who have visited their isolated home over the years.We flew from Bali - Denpasar Airport to Labuanbajo on Flores. 

A two day one night tour will get you to Komodo and Rinca, as well as stopping at some other islands on the way for snorkelling and beach activities. Our tour organised by Travel Sparks . 

Erno Laszlo Skincare Review

Our skin tends to change with the weather, especially for us who stay in a humid country like Singapore and Malaysia.  To maintain a perfectly clean and balanced complexion, what you can do for your skin is as simple as washing your face! Then keep it hydrated.


Erno Laszlo himself was a dermatological visionary with a colorful history. Way back in 1927 in his native Hungary, Laszlo caused a commotion by introducing a skincare ritual involving splashing with soap and water instead of the here-to-then accepted use of cold cream to cleanse the skin. It was practically scandalous, but he healed the skin of Belgium’s Princess Stephanie and opened his first Institute of Scientific Cosmetology. Later, a move to the U.S. had Dr. Laszlo an early Hollywood hero with clients from Greta Garbo to—years later—Marilyn Monroe. He soon opened a U.S. Institute on Fifth Avenue in New York City with an elite, referral-only clientele including Jackie Kennedy. It wasn’t until 1962 that the famous Dr. Laszlo had a retail line.

Hello December 2015!

Time flies. It's been seven months since I moved to Malaysia and I'm happy to say that I've no regrets. 

First of all, the people that I met here are truly Amazing! Human touch is the key to keep everyone closer and happier. Everyone cares to each other with love, I found that Im not alone. 

Then comes to my career. I've embarked on an entrepreneur journey and everything goes well. Love the feeling of in-charging on my own time, no more office hour or squeezing in the MRT early in the morning. I've joined HLA financial group as a part timer, and start up a marketing company with my partner. Feeling blessed that a lot of job opportunities came to me and appreciate everyone who trust me and support me. 

As a travel and lifestyle blogger, im lucky that I've recently traveled to a few countries by invitation. Collaborate with different countries and different brands are my booster to share more on my blog. By the way, travel without seeking leave approval is so cool! Because I'm my own boss yay! 

Yamaguchi Fish Market Jalan Kampung Pandan : Grand Opening & Review

A concept that reimagines the seafood marketplace to serve the freshest catches in town - Yamaguchi Fish Market, the highly anticipated by the Caffeinees Gorup of restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

Yamaguchi Fish Market is inspired by Karato and Tsukiji Fish market in Japan where the team sought to bring not only the highest quality and freshest ingredients to seafood lovers but the energetic spirit of the vibrant market as well. There're tanks filled with fresh catches from seasonal fishes to uni and king crabs that guests can either opt to dine in and enjoy in a variety of delicious styles or purchase back home at wholesale prices.