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Found this funny photo from my office's iMac while I'm backing up my stuffs today. "Flipping hair" is always my signature pose when I'm talking to my close buddies haha. I used to be a girl who cares a lot about what people say and feel about me and now I know, What I feel is a priority.

Nothing is worth it, if you are not happy...

Feeling complicated recently as ... I'm leaving my company soon. I know it's such a big and shocked news as I've been with Apple for more than four years, Yeah FOUR years. I still remember how panic I am when I first stepped into my company at my age of 22. Appreciate this precious chance to join a big company like this and I truly have learnt a lot. I still love Apple so so much and I know it's time for me to leave my comfort zone for new challenges. Thanks to everyone who love me and care about me all this long.

Then, What's next?
Hehe... I think this is what people curious the most!

To be continued...

Craftholic - My All-time Companion


I got my Mr polka dot two years ago and he is the one who always sleep beside me and warm me up time to time. I love craftholic doll as the material is so soft and smooth, good to hug and cute for room decoration. The designs and colour always makes me smile. I went to Craftholic authorised reseller located at Wisma Atria last month to choose my birthday gift hehe. Thanks for this lovely gift as they always accompany me no matter what.

Bellabox : La Petite Parisienne


Here is my July surprise with cute macaroon stickers . La Petite Parisienne reminded me of my Paris trip last year, a romantic and lovely country that I would love to go again with my beloved ones next time. I've tried two of the box items - PhytoKeratine Ultra-repairing Mask and Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret EDP. I swear I'm gonna include them in my daily routine as they are just Fantastic!!

16 Work out moves for Body Toning


You probably don't need scientists to tell you that your metabolism slows with age. As we age, we are subject to muscle wasting. Since muscle burns more energy than fat, this means the metabolic load goes down and metabolism reflects that. That is, if you do nothing about your loss of muscle with age, it will take you longer to burn off a candy bar at age 60 than at 20. There are things you can do to keep your metabolism efficient such as exercise, eat balance, eat often, drink green tea and drink water.

I found some body toning tips and ways that you can keep as references. Start to do it today and and say no on losing muscle and ageing. Pick any 5 of them and do 20 times as one set. Do 4 sets daily and you will see the result in 1 week. You will find yourself more tone-up, away from tired mind and not easy gaining weight like last time.

Majolica Majorca Lash King & Perfect Automatic Liner Review


When people talk to you, they look at your eyes.
I'm a person who seldom put on make up, but when I need it I will go for my eye's make up. I found myself more attractive and charming after eye make up and obviously, mascara did a fantastic job!

I'm sure that most of you girls heard about Majolica Majorca, a fancy make up brand from Japan. I'm always a fan of their mascara as it super easy to apply, last really long and super good in waterproof. I also love their fancy packaging and design all the time. 

SkinnyMint TeaTox: Dare to be gorgeous


Are you ready for SkinnyMint TeaTox yet?
Everyone seems well prepared for summer bikini moment, we should have start it today, fight for a better body shape, a better us! Start work out today! How great if you find yourself fit in a smaller pants or look better with any apparel in front of the mirror? I just can't wait for it.

Let's blast some bikinis pictures here....   xoxo
( grabbed from the net )

One day Kelong Fishing & Seafood trip


I think this is a great experience for a girl like me who always hide inside the room during weekend. I should start to appreciate the sun although summer is all year long in my country. It's been some times I didn't go for a swim and I really miss the cooling water now. Thanks to Ray who pulled me out from my comfy air-con room and have some sun tanned on my sweet Saturday.

We boarded our boat at Marina Country Club at Punggol with a super friendly captain called Alan. He is knowledgeable about fishing tips and generous for fishing tools and even the bait! haha. We are absolutely a noisy and naughty group, but I can feel the patience and professionalism by Alan and it brought us a wonderful experience on our very first sea outing.

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