MD Skinical B3 BIO Cellulose Facial Mask Review 水感纖維面膜

I've been searching for an intense facial mask that can instantly boost up my skin condition for some time. I've tried a lot of different brands in the market and I found this satisfied me the most!

MD Skinical B3 Bio Cellulose Facial Mask.

You couldn't get this in any of the stores out there as this is a clinical range product that aesthetic doctors usually sell in their skin clinic. What I love the most is: they use Bio Cellulose that is super closed to our human skin, makes the essence easily absorbed to our skin. I hardly see any other brand out there is using this material tho.

Besides of the mask material, the essence itself is the WOW factor that make me scream right after the first usage! the ingredients: Vitamin B3 & B5are super good for our skin as it contains NAP & NADP that works perfectly on redox regulation mechanism, which is a magical elements help in anti-oxidant!

MD Skinical B3 Bio Cellulose Facial Mask also lightened up dark spots and sallowness skin. I realised some of the girl has really clear skin but they just look tired all the time, this might be affected by their lifestyle such as lack of quality sleep, unhealthy food and drink that they take daily. I don't like myself to look yellowish, pale or sick. Healthy pinkish skin is what I want to obtained and I'm so happy to stay away from skin foundations now haha!

Instantly hydrated
from 32% to 40%

MD Skinical B3 BIO Cellulose Facial Mask Review
My skin is super plump right after the first usage of the mask. I can feel my super baby-smooth skin and I can't stop myself touching it! It's really a revue mask that kind of restore everything you need and bring you back to your healthiest skin. And I love the moment I removed the mask, as I can see my face is brightened up and fair! Love these all in one effect and totally in love with it! You'll never worry about oily skin or pores problem if the hydration level is boosted and well maintained. So far this is the best mask overall and would like to really recommend to you girls.

No more big money to the facial salon or skin clinic, a well maintenance rescue mask is more than ENOUGH.

This is a facial mask that designed for hydration, whitening and anti-aging purposes. As long as you have your skin well hydrated, you'll stay away from oily skin and pores problem too. Oh yea, and it's Alcohol-Free & Paraben-free. ( Parabens are a class of widely used preservatives in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products might cause cancer, so I usually prefer my daily skincare without this ingredients. )

I LOVE it so much as,
it's Paraben-Free,
it uses Bio Cellulose mask material that closed to human skin, perfect for absorption,
it contains 50ml essence in the mask,
it uses B3 and B5 which helps on anti-aging, hydration and whitening,
it gives me a super good result as an intense rescue mask!
You'll understand my feeling after you try this. =)

Now you can get it without visiting to the aesthetic clinic, 
Contact to purchase and feel the miracle.

Simplicity is the best.

My Lip filler Review in Malaysia ( Before & After )

Yay! Finally I have a fuller lips!
I've been based in Malaysia for my online florist recently and I found Bella Clinic for aesthetic services like filler and botox. I used to not putting any lip colour, as it only enhanced the bad lip shape whenever I put those colours on. 

Till I did my lip filler with Bella, my fuller lips conquered a lot of lipsticks haha! Although I got sponsored by many brands and yet, I'm still buying more and more for my beautiful lips!

Half of my collection, another half in Singapore lol!!!

I know lip fillers are such a controversial topic right now, but I really don't regret a thing. It's given me the biggest confidence especially when I put on lipsticks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this permanent?
Nope. Dermal Filler last up to 12 months, depending on individual and where the filler is injected.

2. Does it hurt?
A little bit. First they will put on numb cream and it actually minimise the pain when the filler is injected. For some area especially the border of my lips feel a little bit more painful, it's normal but still tolerable for me.

3. Does it bruise?
Very minimal. It doesn't bruise on the first day for me, but on the second day onwards it does a little bit on a certain part of my lips, but it's easily concealed with make up. The bruises went away after few days.

4. How much does it cost?
It cost RM1800 for lip fillers, and they are using Juvederm.

5. How long is the injection process?
It took about 15-20 minutes.

Before & After

 and now I'm more confident taking selfless with solid lipstick on!

For those who are interested on trying fillers or other services to enhance your look, you can contact Bella for a FREE consultation by Dr Teo.  I did a super natural lip filler with Dr Teo, not those dramatically thick lips. You can always communicate with the doctor what's in your mind during the consultation session for the best outcome.

Quote "Charlene" and get a FREE consultation, 
consult first and decide later.

Bella Clinic
address: Klang Lama, 58000 KL
open Monday to Saturday 10am - 7pm

Whatsapp or Call : +60122452228

My Travel Hack: How to save money on flights with Travel Cat

To travel is to live, obviously for me.
I'm a travel junkie as you can see. I feel so blessed to explore the world while I'm still young and energetic. They often asked how I did it as travelling might cost a lot of money. It does cost a bit from air tickets to accommodations, food and transport while you are exploring the country. Here a little travel hack that I'm gonna share with y'all who love to travel like me!

First thing first, Save money on Flights with Travel Cat!
I'm a full time blogger and that's why I can choose the cheapest flight and fly whenever I want. But what if, you have your full time job and a certain date to travel on? 

Found this cute little website that actually sending us the flight deals before anyone else! How cool is it! You can sign up for Free, and start receiving deals right away. But this will only be 20% of the deals available. As a premium member (only $5 per month) you will receive 100% of the deals - and trust me, its definitely worth it!

They are currently providing the service to the United States, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. So if you are flying from these countries, you can save the big bucks! Most flights are not last minute, meaning you have plenty of time to book and organise your holiday.

Travel Cat has over 40 000 subscribers now and they've saved their subscribers over $1Million in flights. They have deals to all major holiday destinations in every country, average saving of $592 per customer!

Signing up now and start receiving first hand deals!


Travel to Korea in a different way: Gyeongju - Discover Silla Kingdom 新羅 ( Day 1 )

Photo :

Travel to Korea is always exciting! Fancy night markets, local make up brands located along the street, plastic surgery hospitals, Korean BBQ and kimchi are popping up in my mind when I think about Korea.

It's been awhile I didn't travel to Korea. Thanks to Korea Tourism Organisation who contacted me and brought me to a brand new experience! I'm so blessed and totally amazed by this FAM trip with lots of activities and experiences.

Gyeongju, an area that embodies the time-honored history and culture of Gyeongju, the ancient capital of the Silla Kingdom. (新羅) I'm so into the journey to discover Silla more and more throughout the trip, it's indeed fun and interesting.

Gyeongju Itinerary :

Day 1:
Seoul  >  Gyeongju  > Temple food at Baru > Gyeongju World Culture Expo for Extreme Performance - "Flying"  >  Surime  >  Cooking class at Surime(Making half-moon rice cakes)  >  Dinner at Surime ( Royal Cuisine )  > Checked in to Hilton hotel Gyeongju

Best online shop even if you are out of Korea :

It's been awhile since my last visit to Korea. I love to shop my on trend outfits and cosmetics every time I travel to Korea as the quality is so good and the prices are affordable. Therefore, all of the princess out there who is traveling to Korea will then come back with overweight luggages like me haha.

But every time when I realise the lipstick I bought from Korea is almost gone, it's a tough time for me as I need to choose either to get the same one in my country with ridiculous prices or I fly to Korea to restock them.

and.. YAY! Till I found

It's the First Korean Global Shopping mall which is selling products that are made in Korea, designed by Korea and they are all Korean Brands!

I'm so glad that KoreanMall is selling all the cosmetic brands that I wants, and also to help my friends to get her Bigbang albums in a super reasonable price!

A new perspective.

It's been awhile I didn't share my personal thoughts and feelings on my blog. Hey lovely people out there who read my posts, I miss y'all. 

I'm a girl who put my happiness on priority. When I hang out with my bff, I feel happy. When I have my Starbucks mocha frappe, I feel happy. When I'm travelling to other countries, I feel happy. There's a lot of reasons for me to smile and I woke up every morning with a passion, to create and enhance what I'm doing right now, to improve every little thing in my life.

I'm glad that my online florist shop is running so well with all your support! Thanks to everyone who mentally and physically support me. Thanks to my business partner cum bff, Catie who always stand by me. I will definitely do my best and I believe, we will go to the next level very soon.

As a travel ambassador and lifestyle blogger, I get a lot of chances to explore new places, try out new products and meet a lot of new people. So happy that I met a lot of nice people through my recent trip to Indonesia, and that's also one of the reason why my gallery is so beautiful as there are a lot of talented people who can take stunning photos.

Thanks to my manager, Nataly, who always manage and handle my things so well! **clapsss**

I appreciate those who sincerely good to me, especially those I met since long time ago. They are my childhood friends, primary classmate and secondary schoolmates. I treasure good people more than any other thing. Never forget my followers and readers, who always support my pictures and blog posts, Thank you!

Thanks again everyone for coming into my life, y'all like my guardian angels.


Beauty Hacks: Quick Fixes for Makeup Mistakes

It happens to the best of us. From overly rouged cheeks to crooked eyeliner, makeup blunders plague even the most skilled of hands and we’re 100% convinced that even Michelle Phan gets her contouring wrong every once in awhile. 

The bad news is that we can never truly run away from these beauty blunders and whether we like it or not, they’re bound to happen every now and then (sometimes during the most inopportune moments, like when you’re rushing to leave your house and your Uber has already been waiting for the last five minutes), the good news however, is that for every mishap, there is a quick fix that’ll have your makeup game back on point within minutes.

Check out these five hacks that every beautyholic should know and while you’re at it, remember to check out Saleduck to score awesome deals on some of the tools and products that you’re going to need as part of your arsenal. Visit its beauty category right here.