Chadelanc antioxidant serum : Good skin day, no makeup no problem!

My friends often asked about the foundation I've been using, but they surprised with my answer, which is -  " I'm not using any."

I feel so proud that I'm doing good in taking care of my skin as I always believe that the key to beautiful face is always healthy skin!

I used to explore and try a lot of different skin cares, and I found some of the brands that I really like. I'm glad that I understand my skin better throughout this journey. So happened to connect to this skin lab from US. I've tried out their products for six months, I found myself love it to the max and then I collaborate with them and created my own brand - Chadelanc.

I'm so happy that I can finally create good skincare products and share with y'all!

Chadelanc combines plant based natural ingredients with the latest skin care breakthrough technology to create a unique skin care formulation lines pushed new boundaries in skin rejuvenation and achieved a new level of efficacy.

5 Things To-Do in Korea : K-beauty Trip Itinerary 2017


Travel to Korea once a year is definitely my goal! Yay, I've achieved it so far. Thanks to KTO Singapore for the invitation again for this year. What an exciting trip as I was invited to experience K-beauty throughout my trip. So glad to share some highlight with you girls! Besides of shopping and cafe hopping, some special beauty itinerary can be included to your next trip for sure!

K-beauty Trip Must-Do:

1) Spa G MyeongDong:
Owned by the famous Korean Red Ginseng company, Spa G has both beauty facial and body massage to suit your need. I did full body massage and that's a super luxury massage experience for me! The therapist massaged me with their in-house ginseng products, I really love it! The spa is easy to access in MyeongDong, the staffs are so friendly and well-trained, also good in what they're doing. I've enjoyed an hour Holistic massage, the soft oil touch swedish massage, it cost KRW110,000 , same price to facial.

2) Laneige DIY Two Tone Lip Bar Experience:
Something you can only do in Korea! To customise your own two tone lip colour in their main branch located at MyeongDong. You'll need to make a reservation at least a day before the visit on the Laneige website. It takes 40 minutes for the consultation. First, the'll  take your photo and run through their app to define what colour tone suit your skin the best. Mine is "warm lively", and I chose the lip colour falls into that range. You can also ask the opinion from their professional consultant, and once the colour decided, it takes another 2 hours to complete even with an engraving to your lip bar, how cool! Best thing is, the customised lip bar only cost KRW30,000.

3) DIY Perfume @Aromind
My very first experience to create a perfume, also my best experience throughout the journey! Making your own perfume in Buckchon Hanok Village helps you have special and unforgettable memory in Korea. This program is very popular among fashion leaders who want their own unique fragrance. You can also make your own perfume for friends and lover. I love the place as it's located inside a traditional Korean house during the workshop. Don’t be afraid you don’t know how to make a perfume, professional perfumers will help you to make your special perfume and to become a more unique person! It cost about USD$52 and you get to customise your own perfume, also to bring back a 50ml eau de perfume, 12ml sample perfume, a gift box bag and free-flow tea throughout the workshop. I really love this experience and I would love to introduce this a Must-Do in Seoul.

Photos from Aquafield Jjimjil Spa

4) Aquafield Jjimjil Spa @Starfield Hanam
Be prepared to be surprised at Starfield Hanam’s high-end spa and sauna facility, Aquafield Jjimjil Spa! Aquafield Jjimjil Spa is gaining reputation for its luxurious interior and diverse sauna rooms in nine different themes. Aquafield Jjimjil Spa focuses on the concept of “Feeling and Healing” and their facilities can be categorized into sauna rooms, lounges for relaxation, and food and beverage facilities for meals and snacks. I’ve been to several Jjimjil-bangs before but this is by far the most luxurious jjimjil-bang that I’ve been to. All of the sauna rooms have their own strengths, but I personally found the Media Art Room most impressive. It’s equipped with facilities that can’t be found in any other jjimjil-bang, and not only was it visually entertaining, but it was pleasing to other senses as well.

5) Beaute 101: Hair Styling & Makeup makeover
Beauté 101 is one of Korea’s top 1-stop shop for all your beauty needs; hair, makeup and nails. Need to prep for a night out in Korea? Fret not – just be in your outfit for the night, factor 2-3 hours with them and you’ll be ready to rock and roll in style, with your tresses, makeup and nails done. I personally love their super systematic way to beautify their customers section by section, it saves time. Love their styling and especially the korean make up! We went for our hanbok experience after this, just perfect for photo shooting!

These beauty experience are so fun! Try it on your upcoming Korea trip!
Love, xoxo

Stay tuned for more Korea Trip sharing!

Travel to Melbourne 2017 with AirAsiaX: Sovereign Hill & Ballarat Day Tour from Melbourne

Australia’s foremost outdoor museum, Sovereign Hill re-creates Ballarat’s first ten years after the discovery of gold in 1851 when thousands of international adventurers rushed to the Australian goldfields in search of fortune.

By day, Sovereign Hill is where Australia’s history comes to life! It’s just like stepping back in time - from the hustle and bustle of Main Street where costumed ladies and gents parade their new-found wealth, to the excitement of the Red Hill Gully Diggings where you can pan for real gold and it’s yours to keep!

At Sovereign Hill, you can see a spectacular $160,000 gold pour, venture underground on a fully-guided gold mine tour or catch a horse-drawn coach and tour the town.

There was many people during my visit.

I love the way they keep the culture and the stores here.
The shops that line the town streets are real shops selling old-fashioned wares and authentic souvenirs, such as metal worked in the workshop. There is building after building of replica hotels, banks, a theatre, shops, foundry’s, bakeries.

Redcoat soldiers marched about the town, and had a special musket-firing ceremony. After that, it’s photo opportunity time with the Redcoats, so don’t miss that!

We had our lunch in one of the restaurant before our tour.

This is something you can do in Sovereign Hill, to take a photo in traditional Ballarat's wear. You'll need to book your slot first as it always fully booked. One of my favourite activity on that day!

I've picked my look - the lady!
I had never realised just how much fun this can be! We got all dressed up

Super lovely and I've my photo printed after two hours.

Our tour-guide of the day is really knowledgeable, she explained almost everything to us about Sovereign Hill. It's fun walking in here.

We were very excited when the time came for the underground gold mine tour and they boarded us on the small train to descend to 60 metres below the ground!Down, down into the dark the train descended in pitch-black – we all chatted nervously, excitedly until a minute later we saw a tiny light ahead – a lantern! The train stopped and It was time to get out for our guided tour and walk the passageways of the recreated mine below the town, where we would learn all about miner’s conditions and gold digging.
Look at this! It's real gold! We learnt about the history and how they mine during the Ballarat Day with the underground tour.

Here comes the Winter Christmas celebration! 
I love their creativity on this.

Definitely need to be there from opening time to make sure you see everything as it's a full day, love Sovereign Hill and will always go back.

Sovereign Hill is located on Main Road, Ballarat, Victoria. For information and bookings you can go to the official Sovereign Hill website.

You can easily get your flights as they fly to Melbourne daily. You have a choice to pick your premium services and enjoy a complimentary 40KG baggage allowance, inflight meal, pillow and duvet, special check in counter and the AirAsia Premium Red Lounge in KLIA 2.

One of my favourite in Airasia is their award winning Santan menu! In-flight food is a must for me when it comes to a flight over 4 hours.

Guess what? I can't wait to try their Premium FlatBed on the next flight! It looks more comfort while traveling!

Plane was on time and clean, staff were really friendly, price is always affordable. 
Now everyone can fly.

Thanks again to Airasia X for this trip! I've really enjoyed myself and see Melbourne from a different view. 

Thanks to AirasiaX and VisitVictoria for this trip.