Where to see Cherry Blossom in Seoul - 여의도 Yeouido Park ( 汝矣島 )

The best place, without question, to visit during cherry blossom season has to be the small island of Yeouido located on the Han River in Seoul. Yeouido, more famous among Koreans as an island of tall skyscrapers, smart investment bankers and once a key setting for aviation as the location of Seoul’s first airport in the 1920s, is also home to this wonderful festival, the famous ‘Yeouido Spring Flower Festival’ that takes place annually on the island.

You are not just restricted to Yeouiseo-ro, but also the Hangang River Park is a must see while visiting the island. The date of the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival changes every year, as it is totally dependent on the blooming of the flowers. The best predictions for when the blossoms will be at their best are found on Korean news and weather reports, so be sure to check TV broadcasts and online news postings as April approaches.

This is my very first Cherry Blossom experience and I totally fall for it. I'm going to go for the Japan's one for sure and the picnic is a must! I can't wait for the Sakura petals blowing in the wind while sitting under the cherry trees - like a dream!

Nuffnang Singapore's 8th birthday!

I'm real proud to be one of the blogger under Nuffnang. Happy Birthday!!!

I was there at Da Paolo Bistro Bar for Nuffnang 8th Birthday Bash with other bloggers and nuffies. It was a great lunch party with cool designs & cool people around. Love the theme colour ( also my favourite colour ) - White, Gold & Silver. Simple but elegant!

Best Studio Apartment / HomeStay in Gangnam, Seoul

Hotel in Seoul is usually not new and kind of pricy for single traveller like me. Some people might go for home stay or guest house, but I prefer to stay alone without the owner and I also want a private toilet without sharing with others. This time, I booked my room through Airbnb for a studio apartment as I wanted to pay less yet enjoy a new room with good location. And I found this!

Perfectly located at the heart of Gangnam, just one minute away from Gangnam station and two minutes away from Airport bus station! There are a lot of eateries and convenient stores around the apartment and the room is super new, airy, bright and clean! This studio apartment comes with a small kitchen and build in washing machine in the toilet. Super cool! I love the simple interior design as it shows up like a Muji / Ikea room, super good for selfies too. LOL

The pretty host, Amy is super helpful and friendly. She speaks good english and her response was efficient whenever I have a question before I book the room.

Travel to Seoul 2015

Yay! I'm in Seoul now!
The weather is perfect - Spring. Cooling but not freezing. It's like my second hometown that I need to be here at least two times a year. I'm still craving for Korean food even though I'm a frequent traveller  to Seoul. 

I took Singapore Airline this time - a direct flight with good schedule. It took me 6 hours to reach Incheon and 1 hour from Incheon to Gangnam. Met my lovely room owner on my first night and she brought me to a great place for makgeolli (rice wine). Guess what? We then went to Octagon, one of the famous club in Seoul for our dance session!