Meatless Lunch @Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe


Owned by the same people in charge of Eight Treasures. Could create your own salad on a bed of romaine, baby spinach or rocket, choosing from toppings such as chickpeas, kidney beans, shimeiji mushrooms, sunflower seeds and beetroot. Also offers other western vegan and vegetarian dishes.

One of my sweetie, Clo brought us here for our meatless lunch last week. They also serve delicious brownies and cupcakes besides of western vegan. Overall dining experience is good, the staff is friendly, food is good besides of their pasta. :p

D'sire Hair : Korean Hair Perm


I always want to have a natural wave at the end of my hair and I found Korean hair perm seems to be the one to go. I did my natural hair perm at D'sire Hair with my trustworthy hair stylists, Jeff and Ted. I've done my hair colour touch up, hair cut, hair perm and hair treatment on the same day, which is super good for a busy lady like me. All at once, no time wasted!

Quote " Charlene " and get 20% off on all hair services.

8 Foods to Boost your Metabolism


1. Salmon
Not only does salmon boost your metabolism, but it also gives your skin a healthy glow.

2. Berries
Berries are high in antioxidants and fiber. Plus, they are a healthy sweet treat.

3. Spinach
Spinach is high in vitamin B – which not only boosts metabolism but increases muscle function.

4. Beef
Eating foods high in protein- like steak- is one of the best ways to increase metabolism.

SkinnyMint Teatox Yes or No?


Teatox, a big hit recently that detoxify your body and helps you to stay away from toxins. I've embarked my journey with SkinnyMint and I'm proud to share my review here after my 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Program.

Here comes the SkinnyMint review..

Everyone wants to detox, but do you know how it affect our body? Long-term exposure to toxins affects our metabolism, behavior, immune system, and leads to disease and cancer. They are stored in tissues and cells throughout the body, including the brain, often for years -yikes!

I love the idea of natural detoxing, this is the reason why I love SkinnyMint Night Cleanse so much! Besides of detox, it also helps me to sleep better. I used to be a light sleeper but not now anymore, which I found myself energized the next day.

Some people might say it doesn't work on them, but are they drink it the right way? It also depends on individual, as you know we are all unique, different from each other. Some people might found that the effect of Night Cleanse is perfect for them even they just soak the teabag for 3 minutes, but some people might get the same effect if they soak the teabag in for 30minutes.

People always ask me "does it works?" It works for me on detoxify and cleanse. If you talk about slimming, cardio will be a plus to go with SkinnyMint Teatox. The workout enhances body shape while the teatox helps to detox and increase metabolism, so it's easier for you to get the best result.

"I always believe that hard work paid off!"

 Look at my tummy haha
* Feeling shy* I found it less boated and easier to build muscle perhaps! ^^

The confident level is getting higher and higher, feel so good during my shopping time as I can fit in most of the outfits I bring to the fitting room. Imagine if you can wear whatever you like and you look good in any attire, what's not to love? :p

Health is the real Wealth!

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Origins Masks Reviews ( Drink Up Intensive + Clear Improvement + GinZing Refreshing )


Hi! I've recently changed jobs and yes, I've been super busy these days with new challenges. Trying to fit all my appointments to my new time schedule, managing expectations at my new job, meeting new people, it has all been quite overwhelming for me. Unfortunately, this has affected my complexion..When skin gets overwhelmed and acts up, it's Origins high-performance masks to the rescue. Just like a facial, they reboot skin and put your daily regimen on track. Skin is instantly refreshed and there's no facial appointment necessary, which is super cool.

Tokyo Asakusa: Sensō-ji 淺草寺, Tokyo's oldest Temple


My best memory of my Tokyo trip is the day I went to Asakusa, Sensō-ji 淺草寺, the oldest temple in Tokyo. Definitely worth a visit if you travel to Tokyo. I really want to wear yukata like all other Japanese girls did, but the weather is super hot, oh summer! A lot of pretty girls around as well as nice food. I miss the kochi ice with black sugar now, the taste is excellent! I pray for health and happiness, I wish I can achieve what I want in the near future. =)

[Review+Giveaway] 100 Doraemon Malaysia Secret Gadgets Expo


100 Doraemons!! I feel so great that I have a chance to visit to their second expo located in JB City Square, a great news to those who fancy Doraemon but missed the first expo like myself. The expo located in the main lobby of the mall and you can easily find the ticket counter in front of McDonald's.

I found myself acting like a happy kid when I first stepped into the expo, let's imagine a hundred Doraemons smiling at you! Feel so excited, especially when the Doraemon's theme music was playing in different languages. =)

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