Just pack and go ~ Hey Tokyo! I'm here again after two years!


Life is too short to think, just pack and go! I didn't expect I went to Tokyo again after my first trip two years ago. I was thinking to go to Osaka instead, but the air ticket is twice compared to the one I got for my Tokyo trip this time. Summer seems not a good idea to go if you are visiting Japan, but I found myself carrying less stuffs this trip, conveniently with all shorts and simple tops. I was with Japan Airline this time and the trip was pleasant and comfortable.

Brunch experience @ Canopy Garden Dining & Bar


I miss Egg Benedict so much and I visited Canopy Garden Dining for my brunch yesterday. The restaurant is cosily located at Bishan Park, super near to my place and this is also a leisure hang out place for me and my buddies. I truly love how I can see the greenish plants and feel the sunlight through the glasses doors around the restaurant. The price is reasonable for their brunch and I'm so excited to know that they serve brunch till five in the evening, a very good news for people who fancy brunch menu like me.

I would say the Egg Benedict from Stranger's reunion is better than here but the Grilled breakfast here is good. Food quality consider not bad, but their waffle is tasteless. I won't order their waffle again in my next visit. The staffs are not very attentive and I can't feel any passion from the staffs on my visit. Not really a good experience but I will still come again if I want to enjoy good dining environment and fulfil my brunch craving.


2 Days short escape to Bangkok


Bangkok is always a good choice if you were given only two days leave for a short escape. I had mine a few weeks back and what I did is exactly what you can think of, food hunting, body massage and some shopping perhaps. It's been one year plus since my last visit and I'm still loving it. I felt relaxed, especially after my two nights stayed in a five star hotel in Bangkok, the rate was super cheap as low peak season period while I'm traveling there.

Elixir Juice - My customised cold pressed juice


Now you can have both Health & Beauty at once!

Eating fruits and vegetables provides humans with lots of nutritional benefits. It is a very affordable and convenient way of nourishing your body with essential vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. Cold pressed juices are widely considered to be the most nutritionally complete juice, containing 3 to 5 times more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than juice extracted via traditional methods. It’s easy to pop over to the nearest food place and get juices freshly whirled into a cup. But, what we don’t know is that the nutrients are not always fully captured in that cup of juice. This problem is solved with cold pressing.

Now, you don’t have to spend a royalty’s fees to obtain this exclusive secret of celebrities, as it is readily accessible and palatable to everyone through Elixir Juice. Juices from Elixir Juice can give better liver and pancreas functions, improve immunity and vitality, clear skin, help in weight loss, increase mental clarity, diminish aches and pains and even fights lethargic feeling.

Draw my Life


I feel so blessed that I can draw since I was a child and seriously, I want to pick up my skill recently. I used Sketch book express app to draw on my Mac and the app is just Fantastic! Super easy and the best part is FREE for download from App Store. Thanks to my manager who encouraged me to do what I like. Sometimes I draw for my buddy to show my love and care. I wish to inspire the people around me with this little drawing skill that I have ^^

Library of Flowers Honeycomb Handcream & Acca Kappa Virginia Rose Body Lotion Review


I'm so blessed by giving this opportunity to try the body care products from Library of FlowersAcca Kappa. Thanks to Wendy, who sent me their Hand Cream and Body Lotion for trial and I swear, she is the sweetest girl so far who contacted me for collaboration. My very first question to her before accepting this trial is whether this product comes without SLS or Paraben, and her answer made me super excited. Their products are SLS and Paraben free so we are very safe from cancer by using them.

=)     Big smile !

I always a fan of natural products and you can see how happy I am on the first picture with their Honeycomb Hand cream Haha! I personally love their packaging too as it is simple and fancy, I just can't stop showing off this cute stuff with my friends. 

Flora OOTD ~ Paint my day


I love my comfy flora top that I bought two months ago and finally I'm wearing it today and paired with my rainbow cap. It's a Snapback snake skin rainbow cap gifted by one of my friend as my birthday gift on June. Love them so much as they make me look fresh and energetic. A simple OOTD sharing today with lots of selfie hehe.

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