(Sponsored) Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack Review

I never try Neutrogena skin care range before , i always curious about the products but someone keep stopping me on buying any new one as I have a lot of skin cares, really a lot even some of them are New! .....  Feel super excited when Cozy Cot sent me an email to do a review on Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack. ( Maybe they read my previous post and heard that I can't live without Mask ... lolxx ) 

Love the Ocean Blue packaging with my super cute Charlene Choi for the advertising endorsers , Totally impressed! 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack review:

Product's History:
The new skin-care elements that constantly hydrates and repair skin from within. It increases hydration levels and innovative "12 hours Progressive Release System " for continuously hydrating the skin. Contains Hyaluronic Acid , Olive extract  Ionic Mineral Complex that helps to boosting the skin's renewal capacity and therefore you will wake up with hydrated and supple skin in the morning.

This is a water based gel type sleeping mask. It is easily to apply and spread to the entire face. Do you see the micro blue beads in the gel mask? That is the Progressive release system that will slowly absorb by the skin and provide continuos moisture to the skin. After applied on my face, i found that the small beads disappeared and seep into my skin. You will feel a little sticky after application, wait for about 10minutes and it is alright for me . 

Review and Feeling:
I Love it because...
- it is really easy and convenient to use for a busy + lazy lady like me.
- the result is similar with Laneige Sleeping Mask Pack
- found skin brightened and hydrated in the morning
- suitable for sensitive skin like me
- it is without alcohol and suitable for daily use
- texture feels light and refreshing after application
- not oily and not blocking the pores even i applied with thick layer
- great for us who sleep in air-cond room as it just like a shield to remain the hydrating level to our skin
- reasonable price at just $25.90 but similar result with Laneige which cost double of the price.

Something that I don't Like ...
- the scene , a little too strong with nice smell but i prefer those skin care without fragrance

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Anonymous said...

Strong smell means I won't like as well. Do let us know there is a sleeping pack without a strong smell ok? The one u give me result actually so so just that it came with Laveder smell so still ok :)

imchacha said...

the smell is refreshing ocean's smell, but i still prefer the skin care without fragrance .. The one with lavender smell you mentioned is belif sleeping pack ?

stanley said...

ops... seems this topic can not related to me... so, no comment ya! hehe... =P

imchacha said...

ahahha ~great ,,but enxt time if someone ask u about this, at least you knew the answer :p
thanks stanley for comment !!! haha

Anonymous said...

i like this brand de foam wash, really good!!