( Ireland-Dublin ) 7000 miles away and look for my dear friend

Traveled to Europe on June Last year ...decided to share some photos here as it is the most Adventurer trip for me .. Traveled to Europe alone ! Fantastic!! The main reason for me to travel to Europe is visiting my buddy (Ivan) in Ireland. He is my super close friend since I was 13.

Ireland... Never heard about this country before Ivan continue his further study there. Do not have any clue regarding this country.. But I can confirmed it must be far far away from South East Asia. Yes I admit that my geography is poor.. haha. I took at least 10hours flight transit Dubai to Manchester and took Domestic Flight from Manchester to Dublin, Ireland. Travelled by Emirates Airline and it cost me about sgd$1400.

Dublin is a city fulfilled with cloud. The first scene appeared in front of me after i walked out from the airport will be the cloudy sky.. I went there during Summer season but their summer is about 14 degree =.=''  I grabbed my Pull & Bear jacket in Dublin for just sgd$40.

The View in Dublin is Superb!  The Plants, the Lake , the Sky ..
Approached the Nature and I feel that is not "real" ? Look like painting..

Stunning View in Dublin, Ireland

And I saw a grassland with cows and deers...
Jump down from the car and captured some photos..
Love the Blue sky and Greenish Grass.. 

He is the one.. Looks like a girl right?
Opppsss...  Ivan tried to save his money 
( i guess..lol )

Look at the small little object behind me.. far far away...
They are the Deers and Cows..

Best buddy ...

Peace~ Feel the Peaceful here ..
no wonder Ivan always complaining that this is a country for Retired man.

We had our dinner here..
the restaurant on the Mountain !! 
I Love the environment~

The Public Phone , the colorful Flowers .. and the Notice Board..
Made me feel like walking into a Movie.

Love the natural refreshing decoration..

Look at this photo..
Do you believe it was night time ? Around 8:30pm..
But the day is still BRIGHT! 
Summer day in Ireland, about 18 hours for Day time
and therefore I did not have any experience to see the dark night.

I went to the Famous Bar in Dublin..
The Temple Bar !
Live Band was great , People were friendly and the environment was good.
Feel the love around, people smile to you and say hi to you =)

Hard to explain my feeling..
travel to far far away, a country that i have no clue.. but
Life is Exploring .. therefore I LOVE traveling..


Ivan said...

oi! apa macam!

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Waiting my money to buy air ticket la!!!
i wanna go Rome or Paris ! LOL

imchacha said...

Thanks Hassan ^^
thx for the support ~

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