Great places in this Beautiful Island - Singapore

My Family migrated to Singapore since I was 6. I always feel that Singapore is a clean and neat country. All the trees organized well and the road is flat and clean. Although this is just a small country , but i Love it so much. I spent my last Saturday to walk around the town in Singapore and took some photos. I realized that the building and the shop houses are really cool! They kept the Nyonya style design for those shop houses and made Singapore so much different from Malaysia.

Anyone know where is this?
- Chinatown

A trendy hostel in
china town

Togi Chinatown Singapore :  a Famous restaurant for SoonDae (Korean Dishes)

Definition : Soondae 
is a Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming cow or pig's intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients.

Anyone know where is this ?
Raffles? I also don't know what is exactly the name of this street =.=

a Rainy Afternoon 

I was in White ! Totally white ~hehe

Where is this ?
- Tanjong Pagar

Took those photos when i passed by the temple ~


Red Dot Singapore -  This is the Art Museum !
I knew here because of Alfred , he shared the HK introduction DVD with me.

Red Dot Design Museum
They have the show room and all the design which won for the Red Dot's award around the world!
Feel so proud when I see the unique design stuffs selling in the Small store inside Red Dot building.

" Hey Mam, no photo please "
Unfortunately they are not allowed me to take photos ...

Look at those colorful shop houses.. Nyonya style~

Super Familiar with this View right?
the place where those Korean restaurant gathered - Tanjong Pagar
2 day 1 night / sikgaek / Mini / Hanguk Guan

Look at that ! that is the most Wonderful HDB in singapore..
Unbelievable ! Great location Great Building ..

"   Sharing is Caring ..  
Do you agree? haha ~ Simply sharing what i saw and what i feel ~

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stanley said...

nx time want ask u to become my English Teacher to teach me essay writing ady... =)

imchacha said...

lolx!!! my english is not that good too~ LOL

NVYN said...

Could you please let me know the name of the street where that "pinky" building is located in Singapore. This is the picture before the Chinese lanterns one. Thank you so much.

imchacha said...

This is in between tangoing pager and raffles...
Before the chinese temple...