( Tonkichi @ Orchard Central ) Super satisfied with the KatsuDon -Yumy! (豬排丼) 日本居酒屋

Eating and Traveling is the most wonderful thing for me !! I been Orchard Central last Sunday and I had my Super Yummy Brunch there~ ! Imagine I planned to have some kimchi chigae at the very beginning and end up i changed my mind because of the attractive menu from Tonkichi ~

Cheese KatsuDon   $29.90
slightly expensive but worth the money ! 
Totally satisfied for every bite on the cheese katsu

The entrance for the restaurant 

the corridor seats .. 

Similar like Japan's 居酒屋(日语:いざかやizakaya )
a lot of different alcohol selling here ..

for a kid like me , no alcohol but Sprite ~

Get your House Coffee for just $1.90
Great place for a drink with nice view and environment ~

Guess what ?! 
1 FOR 1 ???

YEs!!  The selling the SAPPORO Beer  1 FOR 1  = $9

the Window seat ~

Great Presenting of the Food ~
Looks so Crispy and Tasty ..I can't wait for this ...

Someone order the Tempura set ~
the prawn pretty delicious too!

Ohh~ This is so Amazing ! All the cheese lovers please shout with me !!!

Super  fresh cabbage with their salad dressing, 
they will   Refill the cabbage and rice for FREE !!!

the complimentary Fruit after your meal

I found that , this is similar like Saboten that i had in Korea,
I will go and try Saboten one day in Singapore ~

Make your reservation today as I found that this store was pretty full even during Sunday morning.

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Samurai said...

wah~~seducing my stomach >_<

imchacha said...

lolx!!! its really yummy!!!!