( Bistro Du Vin @ Orchard ) Sunday Brunch unexpectedly met Zhaowei 趙薇

My second visit to Bistro Du Vin in Singapore. First time was Samantha's birthday, and she brought us there for nice dinner and wine. Great night and nice food. This time , i bought someone there to try their lunch as I found the Lunch set is quite reasonable price,it cost $30++ for a 3-course set lunch.

Called the store in the morning and booked my table, then I dated someone to have our lunch in Bistro Du Vin on Sunday. Out of my expectation was ...I met Zhao Wei...  趙薇 , the 還珠格格(小燕子)。She was just beside me! Beside my table and we were so closed! I requested for a photo with me and she was so friendly , after we took the photo, she chit chat with me for 3minutes before she left. She is Super nice and Super pretty ^^

Zhaowei  & Chacha ... She is a sweet lady >v<

After we ordered the lunch set, they served the french baguette with butter.
This is simply tasty !!! Someone ate non stop and the staff refilled the baguette for 3 times 
but i should say, the hot baguette with the cold butter -Perfect match!

the Salad with Tuna

You know what ?
I came for this !!!!    Foie gras ... 
Super yummy !!!   

the main Course was the Pork belly with mashed potatoes..
the pork belly stewed with wine..
Good taste but .. Feel Cloying !!!!

After meal , they served coffee or tea ..

my Favorite ...   Creme Brûlée 
Super nice... I wish to have one more  TvT

Environment is okay, a little bit small ..
staffs are friendly ^^

A great place for Wine ..

Sunny Afternoon...
Great lunch and Lucky day ! 
( Happy to meet Zhao Wei )

Bistro Du Vin @ Orchard

A great place for photo shooting too ? LOL

Nice food bring me nice mood too :p

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Star Dazzled said...

wa...a lot nice food. cannot tahan jor. very nice environment too (^(00)^)

imchacha said...

yeah^^ environment not bad and nice food~
Thanks for coming again ^^

stanley said...

环珠格格 durng our age!!!got get her signature?

imchacha said...

didn't get signature >.<''
unfortunately she is hurry that day~

Patrick said...

Wow......next time can jio me......like so many good food and places which i don't know...

imchacha said...

haha great! me too, keep observing ...hahaha

patrick said...

observe your food review? then already over.....sob sob
i want to join in leh.....:)