( Taiwan - Part 4 ) 師大夜市 ShiDa Night market ~ walking in the Rain ~

I love this so much ! Feel like those photos from the Taiwan's blogger...
I fall in love with the store's design ... Exactly what i want for my own store in Future .. ( hopefully I will have my own one ... one day Perhaps   >.<'' )  This is from ShiDa circle ~ 師大商圈

ShiDa is a famous university in Taipei, a lot of students and teenagers here, therefore the shops and street markets gathered at the same place near the University. I like the store's design and the fashion here..  Looks trendy and young~ Most of the stores selling Korean fashion. ( Yes, Korea leading the Trend nowadays... and I totally into it ^^ )

hello , I am the White Cat ~ 

I'MiuSa .. Those sweeties who really into Taiwan Online shopping definitely knew it.

Different snacks and drinks selling on the street..
I Love the one located at the Left hand side, Raspberry + Lemon ~ 
Love the taste  ..Sweet and a little sour

In malaysia, we called this "Luk Luk"
but in Taiwan, i think they called it GuanDong zhu~ 關東煮

This is our Roti Prata !!!
but they called it 蔥油餅 ~

I tried this!! the Red Bean cookie..
I tried the Cream custard ~ taste not bad ~!

Creamy creamy custard cookie ~

Then i bought the Salty Spicy Chicken ~!
This is really tasty!! Imagine the chicken without bone, 
a bit salty and mix with the spicy chili powder ~
And it is COLD~~!! not hot one... really yummy!!!

Then ... I passed by this store, and grabbed 1 long skirt hanging outside the store.
the Colorful one, i picked the Light peach color hehe~
Bought it about $30sgd and i Love it~ easy matching and Feel Comfortable!

The colorful trend.. for the Summer season ~

I think I Love starbucks too much! lolx..
I spent my time here waiting for my Taiwanese friend...
and I found that , their Starbucks is special!
The cups, the seat and the way they run their business...

Cosy Environment , a great place for relaxing and reading ...

Look at the book shelf behind me.. their Starbucks providing reading materials..
Found some interesting books and start to have my Cup of Tea ~

Our starbucks in Singapore or Malaysia, serving the Hot tea with just a normal cup with Hot water & 
Tea bags, when u realized the tea is too bitter,then you have to therow the tea bag on the table , maybe?  But the Starbucks in Taipei,They seperate the Tea leaves and served the Hot tea in a special Mug!I Love the mug, but unfortunately they are not selling it ~

After i met my taiwanese friend, we went to a Cafe,
and tried their "alcohol" ? Nope, i didn't drink but eat =.=''

Ordered by my friend..
I wonder how they made the Ice ??

and this is Mine ~
The Vanilla ice cream with Alcohol on top..Taste so Unique~

Then talk about my meal that day..I ate this Mince Meat Rice 滷肉飯~
Really yummy , the store is located near my Hotel and behind the main road..

The Beef Noodle ..

Someone said the Dumpling is the best ~ but I prefer the Rice more..

To Be Continue ...

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Anonymous said...

i like taiwan,wish to go there shopping too..your photos so nice!like it!

by grace

imchacha said...

Thanks for coming , Grace^^
I Love Taiwan too^^ perhaps u go and share some photo to me next time^^