Back to Zero .... When a Child is Born ...

Babies born every second in the World ~ A lot of Happiness and Blissful to share among the people. I always say this to the mother who born a baby :" Oh ! This is such a Miracle! Look at the baby , a Life created by you ! How amazing ! "
When we were baby last time, We cried for Food , We cried for a Hug ; We Learnt how to walk , we learnt how to talk. Every single moment is so Precious.

A lot of friends around me born their First baby  .. I totally can feel the Happiness they shared~
Feel touch when looking at their baby ..   Many of them ( even my Grandma and God mother )  keep asking me " When are you going to get marry ? " Hey common , I am a Kid too ! =.='' although many of them did it at my age but For me , thinking to enjoy my Life and traveling around the world at this moment.. LOLxx   or Maybe nobody want to marry me? Hahaha

I can feel the innocent and peaceful from their eyes.. 
Pure like water .. without any "pollution" or negative mind..

A New Life to the World is not Easy ..
Never forget how Hard and how Suffer is your Mummy to bring you to the world...

Let's think , 
who prepared your food when you are still a kid?
who helped you tight up your shoe's lace when you start to walk?
who worried and can't sleep when you are sick?
who earned money for your study and life?


Who ? 
Gave up their Beautiful , Wonderful , & Comfortable Life for  U ?

Give them a Hug and say " I Love you "today ^^

PS: congratzz to Bella Mummy ~ with your newborn Baby girl , Claire^^

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Thank you babies ~ 

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