( Taiwan - Part 5 ) 九份 Jiu Fen The Old street ~ I found a special snack in Taiwan

First time been JiuFen, the old street in Taipei. JiuFen located at the mountainside far from Taipei city, I took almost one hour to reach there by direct bus in ZhongXiaoFuXin. I did some research before i go.
Heard about the famous peanut + ice cream wrap in JiuFen from a Korean Forum. lolx..
And I found that , a lot of Korean, Japanese and Western traveled to Taiwan like us .. the South East asian ...  >v<

How to go JiuFen?  怎麼去九份
1) Taipei MRT to ZhongXiaoFuXin station and follow by Exit 1.
2) Direct bus "基隆客運"  From Taipei  >  RuiFang  >  JiuFen  >  JinGuaSha
Price: NT$ 102

The sweet Peach Long skirt i bought from ShiDa night market.

Got off the bus and i saw these crowd ! The entrance located right beside 7-11

Samantha Thong's favorite ! the Grilled Mushroom ~
so Huge!!!

the Smelly Tofu and the Fried Dumpling..
I cannot accept the Smelly Tofu =.='' Tried once totally regret!!

The mochi ice cream was good..i tried one! and it cost about $1.50

I Luv almond! hehe~ Someone bought the instant Almond coffee for souvenir.. 

Dang Dang !!! I found the Ice cream Wrap !!
Really really Yummy ~ They wrap the Yam ice cream with the Peanuts flakes...
Oh my god ~ Perfect Match !!! someone please bring this to singapore!!

the Huge Peanut cube ~

The Peanut Flakes + Yam ice cream... before wrap it up ~

麥芽糖~ a song from Jay chow 

Hmmm, i wonder what is this..
Didn't try it as i feel too oily for me =.=''

the "fresh" mochi ~ 

Doraemon Loves this !! 

Taiwanese Love doggies.. you can easily see cute doggies on the street ~
Is the Schnauzers with the fake eye lashes ???!

Traditional wooden type of Tea house...
But it was too hot for me to go in and have a hot tea =.=;;

The View from JiuFen~ You will feel the air is super Fresh here ~

feel tired and bought a dessert ~sitting on the stairs for a short break..
冷芋圓~yummy !

Love a store that selling all the cute puppies and kittens's  stuff.

This is JiuFen , a place fulfilled with stairs .. and traditional snacks here..

After 2 hours, i got back to the Public bus which direct to the town.
I found that the bus driver was extremely polite and kind to every single passenger.
He tried to explain each by each and gave good advice on the direction.
Salute on his Patient ~ *clap clap*
and  I had my Japanese style curry rice after i got back to town.

Eat and Drink non stop !
This is why everyone gained weight after a trip ~

To be Continue...

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