Learning Korean + Learning Photo shooting skills together ~ with my EP3

I went to Starbucks for a simple Korean class and Simple Photo shooting session. I want to improve my Photo shooting skill and I need to master my New camera... T_T   but too bad, someone not really able to handle it well, and end up I hardly get a satisfied photo of myself... I should choose a camera for a beginner like Lumix ( previously I'm using GF3 , ease of use , great for beginner )

Should i sell my Olympus EP3 and get a Lumix back ? Just 2-3 weeks i bought =.=''
I love the Picture taken by EP3, more intermediate compare to Lumix...  

How do you feel with these Photos by Olympus EP3?
I Love it actually , but someone not really able to handle it well =.=''
End up I need to keep asking the someone Try one more , 
Take one more... >.<''
Pity the someone carrying 3 heavy bags and holding the camera to take photo ...
Feel guilty =.=''

I am Trying to Learn ... 
more and more Daily !


Holy Mother of Dating said...

Oh dear, perhaps not changing the camera, but the someone?

imchacha said...

lol.. that easy ?
haha .. i rather lose the money but not lose the relationship..although we can't control the fate sometimes,
i might be lose someone one day , but at least try our best ~ haha