( Lawrys @ Mandarin Gallery ) Fourth Visit to my Favorite Afternoon Tea ~

My Favorite  Cheese Egg Mayo sandwiches ~ <3

This is my Fourth visit to Lawrys.. For Afternoon Hi-Tea again ~Oh ya~ I should try their Dinner >.<'' 
You May <click Here>   for my previous post regarding Lawrys Afternoon Tea ~ I went to Starbucks today but not able to get a seat , the seats were fully occupied~ therefore i kept walking and thinking, Where can i get a Speedy WiFi and nice environment place to spend my afternoon time ?
Passed by Mandarin gallery and reminded me  Lawrys is here... hehe ~ Good environment , Speedy Wifi, Reasonable Price for Afternoon Tea, and even Awesome Food and services .. Why not ??

By the way , I'm really looking for some places that can spend weekend afternoon time,
Cosy Place, with nice food and Speedy Wifi ... Please share with me if you have any Clue .. ^^
Appreciate the most ! !

The Cajun Salad ~ Really fresh and Yummy , 
Fresh Onion,Veggies, Tomatoes , Crispy Garlic Bread & Chicken cubes.

What do you think about this ?? No no no , Not Wine ~LOL... Seldom drink Wine nowadays..
There was a period of time, i drank wine before sleep as i had insomnia ~ Around September to November last year ~ Something happened and changed my Life, first time Got hurt in Love and caused my insomnia. Luckily I am totally Alright now... Totally understand What should I do, What should i feel now, as Big Big girl should understand who is Worth and who is Not .  ^^

I Love wonderful Place, I Love wonderful Food , I Love wonderful People ...
Just grab one of your friend or Partner and go to Lawrys one day, and you will definitely feel what I felt ~
Looking for a Dinner in Lawrys soon , then i will share how is their Food and see whether is it worth for a try.  ( As the dinner in Lawrys is not Cheap at all ..)

Creme Brûlée  and Strawberry Mousse with sponge cake

Look at my Phone's screen , Haha ~ these days Crazy for a game !
Super Duper Thanks Alfred who introduce the game to us..
Maybe I will introduce the game one day ~ Super Hot now in Japan & HK.

Have a Nice weekend everyone ~ 
Appreciate your time & Love yourself More !

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