( The Hand Burger @ Somerset 313 ) The burger that I want to eat Everyday =)

I went to "The Hand Burger" last week as someone bought the voucher to try it at reasonable price.
Heard from Steven and Vincent before, regarding the 3 little pigs ate buggers and paid $100 for the bill.
Wow, that expensive ?! Nope, not really ! This is because the food were killing them and they ordered a lot! I never realized this store located in Somerset 313... (latest update : they moved to Raffles City)
Love the environment, even it was noisy due to too crowded but the design made me feel like eating in a school's canteen ... 
Start with the menu and a Glass of water ^^ the Staffs were politely serving the customers.

Eh ??! Found a pretty girl ..  ~ She not look like a Singaporean ... isn't it?

The staff start serving me the food... I picked mushroom soup for my side dish ~

Look at this ~ I ordered the Blue cheese beef burger....hehe ~
that is the cooked pearl on top of the meat .. if not mistaken..
but the Blue cheese is too over for me T_T i thought i can handle it ...but not really !!!
For a cheese Lover like me, i still cannot accept Blue cheese????

Someone made the Right choice ! Ordered the Best selling ~ "The Works"This is Super Duper nice...!!
I regret now.. i should order this too !!!

Jiang ~~~  With the Groupon voucher, someone spent only $40+ instead of $70+
I tried to buy the voucher again the next day but too bad the event was end...
Next time please notify me if there is such a good deal for nice food ~   >v<

This is the Best selling ~ "The Works" that someone ordered ~

I Love the egg york ~~!!!! =)

The buffalo Wings ... Woah ~too full and I try my best to finish all of this =.=''
I think i will gain another 1-2KG with this meal ...

Looks like a lot of people? Not really ~haha , that is mirror effect !!
The store is just half of it !!

The Handburger @ 313 Somerset
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Satisfy your burger desires here
The Handburger313 @ Somerset
Singapore 238895

Tel: 6509 6214
Web: www.thehandburger.com


Holy Mother of Dating said...

So hungry after reading this post.

imchacha said...

Wow! you are here again today!!! yeah its nice~