the Mystery Box ~ Bella Box ^^

"Hey ChaCha you see ! This is so cute !! "
I was curious...I checked the box and pulled the bag out.  I just want to find out what was inside the bag..  
Then I found few products inside the bag with some discount vouchers, and start my Question to Eileen.

"Hey , where you get this ? "
"This is Bella Box, from , you can subscribe their box for just $15 monthly,
and they will randomly send you some products every month."
They are the company who advertising for those products in the market. They get the money from customers for $15 but they send out those miniature products which is cost more than that to let customers try the products on with reasonable and worthy way but doing the advertising at the same time.
Super Win Win solution , I wonder who came out with this idea.
As a consumer, I prefer to try on the thing before i buy.. Last time i bought a lot of those personal care products but not suitable for me then end up wasted.

These are the things inside Bella Box for this month.
Seriously, The price definitely over $15 here..
and even they delivery to you.

and those Vouchers for you to purchase in their Online store..

Bella box SG official Website:
Just click and explore more ,
they listed out the item for previous month.

I felt this is Great as I love to receive Parcel..hehe
Subscribe bella box and make me feel like there is always a gift sending to me every month..
always curious about what is inside the box ~
hahaha ~ Seems like I'm so pity and buying present for myself.. but this is FUN~ ^^

Worth for a try ~ then we have a chance to try on and explore more and more products ~
Special Thanks to Eileen, brought this Superb information to me , and therefore I can share it here with everyone ^^


Holy Mother of Dating said...

Good stuffs, I never know that such deals actually exist before reading this post.

imchacha said...

wow! thanks for coming again!!! i will work hard to discover more for u ^^ haha