Love ... ?

Love ~ A powerful word that make people Smile, make people cry or make people die =.=''
I heard many stories around me, and even myself.. faced the happiness , blissful moment and heart broken time ... 

We may face something sad or unacceptable in our life, we think alone, hide ourself and cry in the night .. but the next day , the Sun still hanging in the sky ~ Sometimes, we need someone to talk but we don't know who to talk to .. end up hiding inside the blanket and think alone , felt lonely and feel panic. But this is just one of the process in our Life..  I felt heart broken before, therefore i appreciate the Happiness moment time to time...

Everyone in the world , facing unexpected things daily.. nobody can understand another's feeling unless you facing the same issue. But we have to remember that , we are so Special and Unique in this World, you won't find another one exactly same like you! Therefore, you are the one and Only ~
Love yourself before looking for Love from others.

There are too many Success or Failed stories in the world.. but at least , Be Prepared!
Last year, i had my Heart Broken time, I can't face the truth and I can't face to the people around me.
I felt that it was end of the world... I can't smile happily , I only felt the pain in my Heart ..
Luckily my buddies pull me out ..  I talked to them, discussed with them, hang out with them..
and i realized, I am not alone. Human not born to be alone , and Human hardly stay alone.

Now, I totally felt that I am Lucky as i had the Heart Broken time, therefore I won't waste my time
on the wrong person, And I felt the Love from my buddies, I felt the Love from my family , I felt the Love from someone , I started my blog in this brand new year and i felt the Love from all of my readers too...   I appreciating all the Love given to me..  Thank's everyone

So, who loves you ?
We hardly make everyone Love us, but at least we Love ourself !!  Life is still the same, 
We still feel the Happiness, Sad, Hope, Regret , Excited , Disappointed our Life.
Be Prepared and Love yourself now ! Start to gain more and more Love from others...
because, we Deserved it ~~~   <3 

Remember , you are not Alone ! The people who care about you always here, ready for you ~ ^^


Eemay said...

Agree to you Cha Cha!!!
Like the last sentence!!^^

imchacha said...

Thanks you ^^
I just try to encourage people ~ who having some sad or unhappy issues,
as i had the hard time before, i understand and definitely will standby for my buddies ~^^
thanks for coming ~

Maemoly said...

Love u so much! Cha Cha<3 ur attitude, inspire me up<3

imchacha said...

Thank you so much marmoly^^
glad that you love it ^^ I'm happy too that people feel my word..
thx again for coming~~~