( Taiwan - Part 3 ) Shilin night market's street food collection ~

Ah-Chung Mian Sian 阿宗麵線 is the most memorable food for me in Taipei ~
I stayed 9 days in Taipei 2years ago, and i ate this every night ... ahahahhaa ~
I saw the people standing outside the store, holding the hot noodle under the sun in Ximending ...
( Their main branch in Ximending )
Love their super Spicy chili sauce ... usually i put a small spoon of it into the noodle..
It is so Great~!  Must try ~ !!
People who eat this with their first time have the feeling of : "hmmm, not bad la... so so la... "
but don't know the reason why , after a day or a few day , you will definitely Miss it !!

This is the branch in Shilin night market.. they have air-con indoor for you to sit down and enjoy the 
hot noodle ~ 


Just a simple one..
but I love the local taste..
the taste of Taiwan ~ hahaha 

The Special Double boiled of variety soups ...
Oh I saw Ginseng chicken soup ...!

Fried bun ~!
Vege or Meat for you ?

Fried Quail egg >.<''
omg, what is the English for 鵪鶉蛋 ? " I turned around ..
but Frances & Eileen were not here...   T_T
( they are my dictionary )
But luckily , Wilson & Victor found me the answer...

This is kind of Kebab ??!
Is it called Kebab in Malaysia ? 
Chicken or Beef sliced with bread + cheese ..

Oh ...... this is the Smelly Tofu =.=''
I tried once 2 years ago, and i totally regret ..
never ever try again LOL

鹵味 : meat or fowl stewed with soy sauce and strained before serving

Korean duk Buk Gi ~Spicy Rice cake..
Love their cute cartoon in the banner

I tried their Winter melon milk...
Taste so so .. not bad la ~   =p

Fried Mushroom Vege Bun
never try this, my grandma's favorite ~

Look at the big Bunny with Spec ~
This is the store belongs to Mayday Ah Shin ~

Traditional Drink ~ Grass drink ...
tried once before , similar as the wheatgrass drink ..

Someone tried this ~ Quite famous .. people queueing for this at that time..
Thats why made someone curious and feel like trying..
Pepper cookie =.=;; directly translate from the word..
but it's kind of fried cookie with meat and spring onion ~

Mini Shabu-Shabu pot ~ with different type of combination~
a lot of variety ^^

big sausage covering the small sausage =.=''
someone : hey ! cannot translate that way !

Meat ball ...from Kaoshiung ???

I love Taipei Papaya milk~

a lots of street food here..
dry tofu, fried rice cake, pig's organ ..chicken's organ ...etc

What ?! Singapore Sentosa Cuisine ?
Ahahahaha ~ Bak kut Teh , Satay .. Laksa ... Malay fried noodle ?
I thought these are from Malaysia too~

Beef noodle ~ the creative store's name
Last name is Ho   > Xing Hu
sounds like Xing Fu > Blissfull ~

Grill Corn ~ with butter ..
made me feel like want to organize a BBQ ~

the Big sausage ~`  

ahaha i found Malaysia's dishes here..
looks like mix rice and variety of meat stick ~

 When i saw this, i felt the banner is getting mad,
because scolding : 雞蛋糕
ahahahaha ~ traditional plain cake ~

" What ?! "
the cat looking at me ~!!! ahahahah
The store's owner owned the cat,and it stay there whole night with the owner..
Good cat ~ lolx ...  

Shilin night market , beside the road...

This is the Cheesy potato that i recommended at Part 2.
Look at the Queue.. 

Look at the creamy cheese , pineapples, tuna, corn, ham and mayo !!
Hawaiian Potato!!!

Woahhhh ~!!! Sinful Food !!
but it is So Delicious !!!!

the second street food that i love ~
Fried Milk!!
i wonder how they fried it .... but the taste really good !

They cut it into cubes..

Which one you wanna try ?
.. i wish that We have night market here in Singapore too
then we won't always go for fast food ~ lolx
I reall enjoy to walk on the street and look for some street food..
the feeling is Great ~ 

To be continue...


Anonymous said...

you travel alone?

imchacha said...

Hehe~ backpack trip~

Unknown said...

So many food.. I'm missing taiwan! Especially ah zong mee sua :(