Not a coffee Lover... but I Luv Starbucks ~

a lot of people Love coffee..
Someone love the black + bitter + dark coffee....
Yeeeee....  i can't accept something Bitter...   X(

I seldom drink coffee...but i Love  Starbucks..
conflict ~!  LOL .. i should say: I don't like black coffee, but i Like those..
Caramel Mocha or Green Tea Latte.. etc....those coffee with flavored.

hehe.. Comfortable  environment and Great music here..
( but very Cold !!!   i guess only  14 degree ?!?!! )
Simply relaxing, and i can totally concentrate on " Blogging " LOL
and i met my high school buddy in Starbucks and chit-chating for 4 hours non stop !
ahahahahaha ..

Let's Guess..      Where is this Starbucks ?

Attached 2 photos took from Bangkok last time..
 Starbucks in Bangkok  ..    =)

How much do you like Coffee ? 


DaNzI said...

Wheelock STarbuck! beside got wendy one . I once toppled 2 cup of coffee over their counter accidentally , and they offer me 2 cup back FREE!Thumbs up for them

imchacha said...

WOW!!!! great one!!! you got it hahaha!!!!!
and how LUCKY u are!! so nice got FREE coffee...
yeah i love their services and the people there all foreigner hahaha

Snoopy said...

Hmm... U could try Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Similar to Starbucks, lots of variety.

Could try their ice-blended drinks or hot cup of tea if u like.

imchacha said...

trying coffee bean now... with the heavy Rain !!