Fabulous Photo editing Tool for a Beginner like me !!

As usual, ChaCha turned 180 degree and calling Frances...

" Frances ah ~ Do you know any APP can do Photo collage ? "
" Cha, you try this , this is the Meitu xiuxiu Web version " Frances sent me a link after 2 seconds.

I have 美圖秀秀 app in my iPhone, but i didn't heard about the web version..
and i found this is SO interesting !!!  
  It's freaking easy for a beginner like me!

Their New features, added in the "Beauty Tools" :

The decorations part contains a lot of Cute images :

Love this!!!  

Those decoration Parts... adding image , bubble, wordings , or Filter ...

Then, Photo Collage !!! this is the one im looking for ..
Great one, a lot of different design you can get from here..

Dang Dang!!!!    Impressive !!! 
You can even make your own GIF file !!!
Lovely Web Tool that you Shouldn't missed !!

<click me> 美圖秀秀網頁版  << Meitu xiuxiu Web Version
Thank's Frances for introducing this to me ^^

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Congratulation!! to the winners....
1) Wilson Zhang
2) Samantha Chen
3) Stanley
4) WadSad

Please email me your  address, name & contact number . Thank Q for participate ^^


Francesss said...

You're welcome, babe~

imchacha said...

<3 muaksss

Happy walker said...

sad.. i want win leh.. T.T ~

Samantha Chen said...

Cha.... I can have the link also plz.... ><

imchacha said...

hahah..don't sad..next time ^^

imchacha said...

Link provided ^^

on top of the last 2 photos...