( Korea - Part 4 ) The must Eat food in Korea ~ Takalbi ~ Chicken BBQ with Cheese!!

Look at my face =.=''
Can you feel how delicious the food in front of me ??
hahaha ....
Yoogane chicken Galbi ~ This is the Korean " Ta-gal-bi " Grill chicken in big pot ~
so far...You can't find this in Singapore T_T  
How I wish someone will open a Ta-gal-bi shop asap .. hehehehe ~

You can choose what kind of meat and "add-on" you want , Customize your meal ~
Chicken  + cheese was my choice and they will put in a lot of Vegie ..

There were a lot of Korean + foreigner here..
Japanese, Western and Taiwanese.. 

Check the salad bar...
As usual, they provide unlimited Side dishes..
I love their Green cabbage + green salad sauce <3
Really fresh and crunchy !!

First, the staff will bring all the stuff to your table and waiting the pot to be hot..
And funny thing is.. every staff pass by your table will actually help you to "fried" 3 sec..
in my case, at least 8 staff passed by and fried the Ta-gal-bi ..
行過都炒兩下 ~ =.=''

Look at this !! 
The chicken + Vegie + cheese >v<
I love their chili paste.. always delicious... when the dishes is ready,
We didn't come out a single word, just eating in peace LOL
30minutes silence and keep eating =.=''

This is really Famous Ta-gal-bi store...
you can easily get 2 branches in Myeong dong ..
They are famous ^^

Hehe, Let's have a walk after the meal..
Found interesting food and people...
There is a western showing magic in front of the public.. 
He is good in poker magic ^^ 

Then, we found the yummy Dumpling here...

Really love the Fried Dumpling ..
With Egg, meat, vegie, carot and glass noodle inside..
Most attracting part was the juicy juicy filling with the crispy dumpling skin ~

we found the 똑  ( dduk )
The traditional Rice cake ( dessert type ... something like mochi )
They have different flavor of the rice cake.. 
red bean,green tea coconut yellow sugar and many more..

Talking about the street food..
This is my favorite !!!
"Hud-dduk"  a fried flour and the filling is sweet honey +sesame ...
 Even they "floating " on the Oil !!!
T_T  I can imagine how fat i eat this.. but i just cannot stop it and i ate at least 3 during the 7 days trip..

Yummy ^^

Walking non stop and ate a lot of things ..
Feel thirsty hehehe~ There are a lot of  Coffee shops alongs the street..
And I found a sweet pretty girl ^^
She is so cute, fair skin and cute smile ^^
we bought our coffee here finally ~ hehehe

in Myeong dong, you will able to see this famous Catholic church ..
I am not a catholic .. but i went there to have a look on their building and even 
went inside the church but they running their praying ceremony ~

Someone told me :" Hey,Do you know? ( you never tell of course i never know ... =.='' )  this is actually the private premisses .. if someone who break the law run into this church, police got no right to go inside and arrest him ..."

Hehe... walked non stop the whole day and eat non stop..
end up .. when i see their street food... i got no more capacity for this..
Just take some photo for memory T_T

I keep saying full but ...
What am i doing ?!?!?!?!
Walked into the "Krispy Kreme" and get few Original donuts for supper & breakfast tmr ...

Their Original donuts is the Best !!!
Yuhuu ! really soft and sweet >v<

Went back hotel..
And take off the 3 layers...
A special reminder for ladies who going to those cold country,
Wear a singlet inside to protect the heart ,
then you won't easily catch a cold..women need to take care and love yourself  =)

To be Continue ....


HevnBoyz said...

my weakness for dumplings... especially fried ones... :9

imchacha said...

lolx...its really good >v<

Anonymous said...

hi, do u have the address for the Famous Ta-gal-bi store?