( Korea - Part 6 ) What to do in Busan ?! Temple & Sashimi !!!

Do you think i ate my sashimi here ??!
Ahahaha .. my second day in Busan ..
I went to " Hae-dong-yong-kung-sa "  해동용궁사


At the entrance , there are a lot of stalls selling 
the street food..

The Chinese Zodiac ..
Mine is Dragon ~hehe 

This is sooooo SCARY!!
Why their eyes... =.=''

Look at this .. the temple located beside the sea..
the Ocean Blue color + cold weather ~
Extremely relax with this view..
Don't you feel this is just like the temple in China? 

Ahhh ~ the piggies...
So huge but so cute >v<

Those little cute monk under the tree...
Well decorated...

I been walking for 30minutes to walk from the temple to the main road -.-''
Tired..  luckily it was cold weather ..
and i seldom sweat ^^
Cold weather is always a Right choice for Holiday !!

... The Star walk ... 星光大道~

Look at the people faces...
The food seems Yummy!!! 
the street food surrounded by people...

Cross the road.. and I reached the  Fish market !
This is the one u can't miss!
Cheap sashimi from here la!!!!!

A lot of the "seafood" that i never Seen before >.<''
What is that ?!?!

Dang ~! Korean style sashimi restaurant ..
Sitting on the wooden floor..
( feel like the drama .. )
* look at the uncle blocking the face .. ahahaha *
Korean style ---> only block half face >v<

Look at this sashimi~!!!
really Really FRESH!!!
Blissful for every single bite~!!!

The sashimi was really FRESH!
and this is ... what is this soup again ??!
Can someone tell me please? 

someone : " 해물탕 "  Haemool Tang ( Seafood soup )
This soup is really nice.. at that time, meeting my korean friends,
They keep talking but i keep eating LOLxxxx

In Korea..
You can easily find a coffee shop beside you.
At least 2-3 coffee shops along the same street ...
I saw this  Angel in us Coffee  during my trip,
attracting by the cute cute decoration and images,
Finally i have a chance to try their coffee in Busan ~

The store's design and deco is really attracting and comfortable!!
<3 If this is in Singapore,
I am sure i will visit at least twice a week..
And their Coffee was GREAT!!

My 2 day 2 night Busan trip end here...
But what happen tomorrow ???
Going back to SEOUL !!!
yuhuu ! the shopping Heaven again!!!
someone will appear and say " Please imagine your 2 wardrobes .. "

To be continue ...


stanley said...

every time see the food you post i will still feel hungry even though i had eat a lot juz now... it looks delicious~ attractive ~ :-)

imchacha said...

because i love to EAT!!
hahahaha thats why like toe hare about food...
i eat till chubby le=.=

stanley said...

chubby cute mah~ cute cute make ur blog more attractive... XD

imchacha said...

lolx hope so !!! then i eat more and more... ahhahah

Anonymous said...

do u go on these trips alone or with friends?

imchacha said...

i met my friend in korea^^

Unknown said...

Hi cha cha... would like to know roughly what was the price range for seafood since u said it was cheap. was wondering if u could provide some examples with their pricing.. thank you in advance. =)

imchacha said...

Hi Jo Yeo, The seafood and sashimi is definitely cheap haha...
the sashimi i ate, roughly 50slices cost about $20sgd.
as they are near to Japan, the seafood are fresh and yummy~

M*nz said...

hi!! can you let me know whats the street you went after the temple?

M*nz said...

hi!! can you let me know whats the street you went after the temple?

theflyingteddy said...

Hello there :) really like your way of bloggin! very cute and quite informative!
may i ask how many time did you spend in that temple?
I am going with my mom this April and I bet she will love it. Did you go from Busan station to there? I am doing a day trip from Seoul. So I will be arriving Busan maybe around 9:30 or 10AM the latest..

Thanks :)