( New York New York ) Great service and great burger ^^ a sunshine dinner

Jiang Jiang ~ !! Feel extremely Sinful when holding this...
But it was so great ..
Look at my pimple on the forehead.. ahahahha
Pimple on forehead which mean : never sleep well, seldom drink water,body heating ...
but still go for this Burger >v<

This is first try to New york New york..
always passed by this but never get into this restaurant before, 
and my manager told me this before You should try this, not bad ~"

And this day..
went for the funny Movie - American Pie..
before the movie start, looking for dinner and again "passed by" this shop,
this time I decided to go in and have a try~

First feeling after step in this restaurant,
The staff were Friendly ~ very friendly with a sunshine smile hanging on their face ^^
The staff who bring me to the seat, the staff who took my order and served my food..
and also the staff standing at the entrance who ready to give u a cotton candy  before you leave <3

The Hawaiian beef burger i ordered...
with the sweet pineapple ~ and cheese ^^
so Sinful =.=''
During the meal served , the waitress is kind enough to concern our need ^^
Rate a 5 stars on their services ^^

The seafood pasta
Good taste with seafood ^^
but I prefer more tomatoes sauce hehe..

Hehe look at the cotton candy machine ..
Feel exciting like a kid... ~ 
And they let u do your own candy floss too <3

Ready with the stick ...

And start rolling around the bowl.. avoid the middle part ~

like a cotton .... heheh so cute `

See the difference ?
the left one is the Staff made.. but the right one made by me =.=''
So funny the shape..

i start eating and walked around the mall..
even there is one Auntie approached me and asked: " Hey, where do you get this? "

Waiting for movie ..
standing outside the cinema ...

Love their colorful background ~


Lingy said...

Hi! You wore a very nice dress here, where did you got it? Mind sharing?:))

imchacha said...

Hey Lingy , welcome^^ and thanks for the comment^^
i bought this from "New Look" around half year ago^^