( Korea - Part 3 ) The Traditional street Insadong~ My Beautiful Day with Design everywhere ^

Journey start in  < In-sadong >
This is the Old Street 老街 in Seoul..
There is a lot of the hand-craft and traditional stuff + food here..
Walking on this street and found a lots of tourist ..from Japan 

Wow..I miss the cold weather..
No matter how much i walk,never feel tired..hahaha
If not mistaken, i been walking for at least 7 hours a day during my Korea trip =.=''
But never slim down as I keep eating non-stop !!!!!   

Look at the Starbucks Coffee..
Their brand was in Korean Letter and pronounce as " Se-Ta-Buck-Se-Ko-Pi "
so cute !! haha

This is a Dumpling Restaurant ..   [ read as Kung ]
Nice Dumpling with buddy in Insadong ! 
Traditional restaurant, remove the shoes and sitting on the wooden floor ~

The restaurant is crowded.. They served unlimited water and side dishes as usual ..
Most of korean restaurant serving ice water once u get your seat ~ and follow by their dishes..
*Clap Clap*  How i wish Singapore do the same thing ...ahahahha

The small white balls.. is the Rice cake..
They called it as 年糕 but actually similar like our 湯圓 ~
Just the difference is, they cook it with food (salty) .. we cook it with dessert (sweet) ^^

After the Simple Lunch..
Walked out to the Insadong street again, we found a Famous GeenTea's Shop.. "OSULLOC"
They selling many kinds of Tea's leaves , Body care made by Green Tea =.=''
And they serving Tea's drink and dessert upstair of the store..of course you need to pay
And the price is a little expensive ~ A green tea latte may cost around $7-10 if not mistaken.

This Pink box's tea leaves was so Great ! 
The named it "Wedding" The smell was really full of joy and happiness + sweet sweet feeling ^^
( suddenly feel like the situation just same as buying perfume =.='' )
A box with 10 or 12 packs of tea leaves selling at $15-20

Someone presenting how they "fried" the tea leaves.. and after the "show"
They have a tester for u to try ^^
Simply refreshing ~a HOT green tea..

This is the second Floor ..
A cafe type to serve the tea or dessert ~
People were relaxing and have a chit chat here..

Look at their Green tea dessert and this...
Green tea Latte !!! So smooth and tasty!!
And i Love their Cup =.=; i should steal the cup after finish the drink..
but i worry they catch me in the airport LOLxxx

This GreenTea Tiramisu Cake ...
So Soft and it melt in your mouth !!

I will rate this 99 out of 100!!!

After the Afternoon Tea..
Start to discover about Insadong more..
This is designer street , Definitely fulfilled with the handcraft or creative stuff..

Ssamziegil : is the Place that all the Designer gathered!
I love the way that Korea trying to encourage and promote the local designer,
support them to have their creativity and start selling in this tourist town.

At the Roof top,
There is a place that fulfilled with LOVE <3
All the Love notes was hanging here and I can feel their sweet sweet lovely mood ^^

When i took this photo..
Someone keep reminding me....
 " Hey ChaCha, Please put on your jacket, If you got a cold, I will not bring u out .."

Love Insadong ^^
( Insadong 14-gil : Insadong street 14 : 14街 )
similar like mandarin ^^

TO Be Continue .....


Anonymous said...

Oh the green tea items look delicious!

you have a cute blog and you look korean! :)


imchacha said...

Oh ya~! The green tea stuff was great!
Thanks for drop by here%^^
And I read your blog! It's nice ^^ followed!

Lamerized said...

Hi~! How did you get to In-sadong~?

imchacha said...

In-sadong near myeong dong, you can go there by walk or bus or subway ~ tell me which way to go , i will guide you how to go ~~~

say kimchii said...

Really loving your blog! im going to korea soon and your posts are really helpful ^-^

Nadya Zahid said...

hye dear...im going to seoul next month andit will be my 1st time..i'm bringin 3 kids with me..should i take tour guide or i can juz walk there alone by my self?