a Macaron Girl's Talk .. about Online shopping ^^

These days .. I LOVE online shopping ...
" I always love shopping lol "
who don't like Online Shopping ? ahahahahaha

I seldom shop local website except Gmarket,
as I can easily get cheaper things here..
basically i shop daily needs or iphone's accessories here..
Delivery always fast & Price always lower than market price..

Lets talk about the Oversea Online Shops..

1)  ASOS ( UK ) 
ASOS ... Introduced by Frances baby... she is really contribute a lot to this Online shop!
ahahahah .. Btw, this shop is really attracting as 
They provide FREE shipping over the World!
How amazing! you can buy something at lower price + good quality and FREE shipping!
I bought twice at this shop, 
and satisfied  with Their service, their packaging and the way they present the item in
the Online store is really Great!
* You will able to see the catwalk of the model while wearing the dress ~

2)  Gmarket  ( Korea )

Gmarket is always my first choice as they have a lots of variety..
Price is reasonable , you can place your order in Korea Gmarket store 
and they will compound all your orders together and send to you in 1 box ~
I love their fashion, they cute stuff like stationary as well~
<3 <3 <3

3)  Zipia  ( Korea )

Zipia is the Online shop that Victor Introduced to me..
Try several times to buy but always didn't buy at the end...
haha , He bought twice before and he extremely satisfied especially 
on their Men's shoes...
Love their Models and Photos on the website..
Always attracting..
The price is reasonable as well..

Let's shop today!!!!

and I believe someone will appear and tell me that ,
" Hey, Please imagine your 2 wardrobes are Full now ! "



Vita Soy said...

Haha, online shopping can save a lot of money but sometime overspend because you got no more excuse to buy more things to pamper yourself... Haha...

Let me advertise my store here... lol

VL Store
- http://www.gmarket.com.sg/shop/vlstore

imchacha said...

Lolxxx advertising ... later pass me the $1 :p
for advertising fees...
hehe anyway ~ i love shopping <3

Francesss said...

Hahaha~ I really do contributed LOADS OF LOADS to ASOS~

And I Love shopping sooooooooooo much, as girls always do!!!!

Trust me, for girls like us, no matter how many fully occupied wardrobes we have, we never feel enough and fed up~

Hahaha~ Since EASTER Promo starting soon, let's go shopping!!!! LOLx


imchacha said...

ahahha TRUE^^
you are the big share holder to ASOS!
lol... yeah shop AGAIN!!!

tester said...

Hahaha. Coz when girls buy clothes, it is a collection! Can mix and match to create new looks! *like*

imchacha said...

Yeah !! you got it!! hahahah ,we love to matching and change new look^^
our Forever JOB ~lol

herbs said...

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