Valentine on Tuesday~ working DAY

As usual,
We working today ~
Dressed up "a little bit" nicely than usual ...

Our Samantha , the little Cili Padi ..
She is not so happy today as she still waiting for the reaction from Him!
Samantha: " Where is my Flower??! "

Our sweet Frances,
Valentine's flower is here!!! <3
Her Mcdull is always so sweet to her and Lovely couple!

My turn ~ ahahahha
Love myself too much?
Wearing the Color Lens giving by Shirlene ~ <3
It's Violet color! Sweet one ...

During this Valentine...
I didn't prepare anything...
I feel sorry ..but .. I believe that you are still here for me ^^

And i receive the chocolate in the morning !!
Thank you Baby!   <3 Love!

And the Photo editing tool from Mac App store by Frances !!!
Love you so much Frances!!! 
This App is Brilliant!!   <3 

How is your day ?
Wish you happy Valentine's Day <3


Francesss said...

Happy Valentines, baby!!! love you~

imchacha said...

hehe thanks baby^^
you deserved it ~ <3

stanley said...

FERRERO ROCHER~ @@ nice chocolate~ like it~ next year can ask your bf give more n more gift like salary increment since valentine juz celebrate one year once~^^ (guess your bf will bankrupt soon if u take this suggestion)