[Sharing] Parmers Body Scrub Cocoa butter Formula

" I suddenly feel that, your legs are ... not Fair ..."
I was trying some Heels last few days,
and when i Look at the mirror, i feel that my Legs is really strong + dull in color...
And this sentence came out from Someone~
Every girl wish to have a pair of long legs..
but ,
GOD!!! I have the long legs, but why it is SO Strong and Not Fair at all??!
I realized this since long time ago of course ...

I rushed back home that day,
And found this "Parmers Body Scrub Coca Butter Formula " 
( bought 2months ago but never start using it yet ...  =.='' )
I don't want to be Lazy anymore!!!! Arghhhh~

Honestly, I bought this that time from Watson,
 because i saw the "Vitamin E" printed on it ...
Everyone know that Vitamin E is really important for us..
Especially our SKIN!!!
I never try this Brand before,
But the packaging convinced me to buy it that time!

Opened the cover,
And I smell sweet Cocoa ..
the texture is similar like butter ~
And i try to rub on my Chubby + Strong + Dull Legs....
There are small cocoa seeds <3
The feeling is putting some butter on my leg and small seeds massaging my skin..

( Photo from google..)

after rinsing with water..

Guess what...  ???
My Skin is really Smooth....
And a little bit brightening  ..
I guess i never remove the Dead Skin before,
Therefore my Legs are so Dull!!!!
Can feel that the Skin is really softened now...

" Hey, chaCha, you better put Sunblock on your Leg ~ "
again, by the Someone...

Please don't remind me about my Leg..
 is not Fair at all =.=''

Chacha: " Wanna Die? "
Someone: " I just want to advice you ! So you won't get sunburned Againnn .....  "

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