(Tea Cosy @ Plaza Sing) Special day.. Simple dinner.. Simply Blissful

I found Tea Cosy online from other blogger's recommendation ..
And I visit since Last Year..
Really Love the atmosphere in this Little Restaurant ,
 Surrounding with the Angels ...

Talking about the Food ...It is Simply Delicious..
I bring my buddies, bring my family bring my Lover here..
and everyone Loves Tea Cosy..

The person who knew me well,
Definitely they will knew that..
ChaCha Loves here is because..the  "Foie Gras" 
If you like to eat Foie Gras but the budget is not too High,
You can Try here!!
The Price is reasonable and the taste of the Food is Great.

Love the Plate and and the table cloth ~ 
Feeling like having English Hi-Tea..

Pasta Arabiata With Prawns
The taste is JUST nice!
Not too salty and Fresh Tomatoes taste..

 Pan Fried Foie Gras
My Favorite !! 
I cannot describe the feeling...

Medium Beef Steak 
The "Someone" told me that..
"This is the Best for me ~!"

 Ebony & Ivory 
Rich chocolate and ice cream on top..

Even the Prawns are soooo Big!
But the Price is just .. $14.90 ?
[ if not mistaken.. ]

 <3 Dang Dang ~!!

There are a lots of the angels or dolls are selling in the restaurant..
Even ... SALE ~ >v<

 Lovely cupcakes...
Love the way of the display ...

Tea Cosy
A Place for Simple dinner, Hi-Tea with sister and chit chatting ~

Tea Cosy website : http://www.teacosy.com.sg/Welcome.html
Menu : http://www.teacosy.com.sg/Menu_Cover.html


Vita Soy said...

OMG!!! My favourite restaurant~

imchacha said...

Yeap~! Mine too~!!!