Japan Travel Guide 2017 : Plan your trip is super easy with Odigo

Planning your trip well helps you get what you want and find the experiences you wish for, without risking your hard-earned days off. Have you ever go to a bookstore and grab yourself a travel guide book before the trip? Some traveller like myself will go online and do some research to plan my trip. And recently I found Odigo, which is even easier for you who are planning a trip to Japan!

There're a lot of informative posts shared by the users around the world, and especially by the local! You can also create your itinerary via the website with all the tips and transport details given. Odigo is basically a full platform for you to get recommendations from local experts, create and customise your itineraries, get directions and also share your trip and travel experiences with others. 

Like myself, I'm a travel blogger and people often ask me about travel tips and must-eat food in Japan, I've then post about my travel experience here to share with more people who would love to go to Japan.

My latest updates for Japan trip:

I would love to share more of my Japan trip experiences on Odigo to help the community, on top of that I can earn Odigo points on my posts which can be redeemed for Amazon gift vouchers, and coming soon with Japan tour packages. It's a super win win way to share and gain at the same time.

Best thing is, I discovered a lot of fun and interesting facts and info from the locals! The posts as below are so informative and cool!

I can't stop myself surfing on Odigo and get more details from the community, they are really good in sharing almost everything about Japan! I found it super interesting, it's better than travel guide book indeed! Can't wait for my next trip to Japan, and I'll definitely do more write up to share with the community. Awww, Japan is worth to pay a visit for sure! Plan your trip today with Odigo.

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