Finnair Business Class: Fly from Singapore to Helsinki Finland is so Comfy

I'm so lucky to embark on the #NBEFinland blogger trip with #VisitFinland this year and Thanks to Finnair who was taking care of my return flight from Singapore to Helsinki Finland. I flew the economy class from Singapore to Helsinki, and business class back from Helsinki to Singapore. The experience was incredible!

It was a twelve-hour direct flight and I couldn't imagine if I can sit still for such a long flight at the beginning. And then I found myself an answer - Yes, I prefer a direct flight!

After experiencing on a direct flight with Finnair, I found that it's least tiring, I reserved my energy and I slept so well after two glasses of wines haha.

I can't wait to share my Finnair Business Class Experience with y'all. Here we go!

follow the arrow =)
There's a special check in counter and private security check lane for business class

I was there three hours before the flight, and enjoyed the Finnair lounge like a boss.
Guess what? There's a sauna here in the lounge!

Feel so cosy here.

A welcomed drink was here with a fabulous glass of champagne

Personally love this system so much!
They elaborate clearly on which hour you will get meal and your entire journey in details.

Menus are so cool!

Thanks to the air crew who took a few photos for me. You guys are awesome!

I really love this experience with Finnair. Although it was a twele-hours long flight but it was fantastic, it didn't get me exhausted like my past experience to travel to Europe with other airlines. I can totally enjoy myself with the in-flight entertainment and food! Yes, their food is super good.

I can't wait to fly again with Finnair. To explore the world, I guess this would be my first choice to fly with.

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