Charlene's 2016 : A year of Traveling

It's Day 365. A day to review everything in this year. It's indeed a Year that from something to nothing, and from nothing to something. Lol, kinda complicated but yes, I've grown up a lot in terms of EQ and IQ.

My 2016 started with this memorable trip to Maldives! Sounds like a wonderful trip, actually yes and no, as I went there because of breaking up with my ex lol!! But the trip was remarkable because I experienced their crystal clear water and went to a sand bank! Also snorkeling with baby sharks, how cool! Actually I miss it already, wanna go again with my MR. Right in the near future, for the glow in the flow. ( glowing phenomenon at the seaside, kinda feel like get into an Avatar world )

February, I was in Melbourne for a month. I was so blessed that they treated me like a queen when I was there. Why is that so? Because social media in Melbourne is just blooming and everyone is looking into it. I still remember a lot of fancy cafes and restaurants invited me for a food tasting, and as well as the tourism board of Melbourne invited me for their Food & Wine festival! It was so fun, i had unlimited wines and oyster!!! Miss Melbourne so much.

March, I was then back to KL and found myself a new studio apartment. This is my first hand-crafter flower bouquet for my bestie's birthday. It was a lovely gathering over good food near changkat area. My online florist is blooming at that point of time. Thanks to Catie, my bff and business partner who made my dreams come true! And we made it a successful online florist.

April fun with this adventurous group!!  lol It's a fun trip as we snorkel in Davao and first saw giant clams, they are huge and amazing! Also did sky Cycling omg...

It's Fated! Lol!!! @gnitil_ @briannawonggg @mongabong what a unique adventure with you girls to Medan!!! We came, we saw and we "conquered"  We experienced something that definitely not in SG. But yet, we build a great friendship over this. Feeling blessed. Oh yea, @gnitil_ still remember the ninja turtle?? LOL

May is for Bangkok!!! I'm so blessed that Westin hotel hosted me like a queen haha. Unlimited wines, desserts and food during the stay. There's also my so far best Thai massage right opposite Westin hotel in Asok station. 

June! It's my Birthday!  haha!! A small yet cute party with my bunch of besties is more than enough!!! We had our pastel bouquets with my Favourite hydrangea, and my best cake ever by pehstry. Thanks everyone who loves me and I love y'all too.

July was in Vietnam. My first visit to Ho Chi Minh and I love it. A lot of European style building for instagram-worthy pictures, and also a lot of cafes to explore. This is so dreamy, to those who love pastel, you can consider a wedding shoot here with this pink church  #chatraveltovietnam

September - Trip of Wonders. I Guess this is the highlight of end of the year. Hiking under the big sun and snorkeling in the middle of the sea with a bunch of lovely people. Glad to also meet my Photographers and therefore I have a tons of stunning photos throughout the journey. ❤ Also blessed that got sponsored by Guess for my denim jackets, really love them!

October in Korea! That's the law of attraction!! As I feel like it's time to go to Korea and I received the invitation from KoreaTourism Board on the next day! This time was a unique experience. I got to explore more in Gwangju, tasted their royal cuisine, and watched a lot of art performances. The highlight would be the fireworks on the cruise at Han river!! 

Switzerland on November! A big hole in wallet but honestly, money well spent and no regrets! It's a die die must go place once in a lifetime, I'm working out on my blog write up and guide, hopefully can finish soon lol. It's a beautiful country, and it's the only country that makes me feel extra peaceful. Everyone just smile at u even walking on the street. When I entered to a cafe to get myself a hot coffee, the customers in the cafes all great me with smiles. Feel so warm like a big family.

December is the season of love. Spent almost two weeks in Singapore for family and friends gathering. Love the precious moments and laughters around us. I can foresee myself to stay in SG more in 2017 as I've launched in SG too! Yay!

 Thanks for all of the support and love given to me. 
❤ I'm a real blessed girl! 


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