Addicted to wear Whites - How to clean white clothing?

I'm totally into white if you know me well. Wearing white just make me feel clean, tidy, happy and lovely. In order to impress, white need to be clean and shining bright without a single dot!

But I realised, I'm not good in keeping my white outfits as clean as new. They always went back home with dirts and stains after my day out. I really have no clue to remove the stains and ended up hang them into the closet without wearing them again which is super sad and wasted.

Then the happiest thing happened since last week I met one of my celebrity friend - @weepinggoh 
He then recommended me the incredible laundry bar - Japanese Magic which able to clean any dirts and stains on white outfits and turn them into a new piece. I was so excited and bought it the next day. You can get this in any big hypermarket, I grabbed mine from Jaya Grocer and it cost about RM11.

I've then soaked five of my whites in the water and rub them with this Japanese Magic laundry bar. Full with hope and I soak them'll in the water again but this time with a few drops of bleach. 

And the miracles happened! 
All whites turned new as they were bought from the boutique! Thank god haha and specially Thanks to WeePing again who told me about this, it helps me A LOT, and save me A LOT too!!! ( from buying new whites )

Now I can happily wear whites again and again without any concern yay!
No more worries on stains!

Love, xoxo

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