Yamaguchi Fish Market Jalan Kampung Pandan : Grand Opening & Review

A concept that reimagines the seafood marketplace to serve the freshest catches in town - Yamaguchi Fish Market, the highly anticipated by the Caffeinees Gorup of restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

Yamaguchi Fish Market is inspired by Karato and Tsukiji Fish market in Japan where the team sought to bring not only the highest quality and freshest ingredients to seafood lovers but the energetic spirit of the vibrant market as well. There're tanks filled with fresh catches from seasonal fishes to uni and king crabs that guests can either opt to dine in and enjoy in a variety of delicious styles or purchase back home at wholesale prices.

Hello to the King Crabs

These are the Top 10 signature dishes in Yamaguchi Fish Market.

They all look fresh!

This is the view that I captured at one of the seating corner upstairs.

Previously the open air area for Caffeinees, 
now in-door bar dining for Yamaguchi Fish Market.

This venture is completed with one of Japan's finest sake brewery,
Gekkeikan Sake.

The sake itself is mild and sweet,
but the taste end with a bit of saltiness from the fish roes. It's crunchy too!
 Mmmm, it's special and I love it.

We had some refreshments in canapé sizes.

Here comes the celebrity from Taiwan - Wuzhun 吳尊 
who flew in to join Chris Chang and June Chang in the Grand Opening.
Still looking great and young even he is a dad for two.

June Chang, Wu Chun, Chris Chang

Meet the local artist, celebrity host, as well as the emcee of the day -

I was given a bottle of Gekkeikan sake and enjoyed myself in their VIP seating area. Gekkeikan sake has no sulphites, preservatives, and gluten added. 

In Japan, sake has long been regarded as an ingredient for a healthy lifestyle, and the key element for enjoyment of food, conversation and atmosphere. Modern studies show that in appropriate amounts, sake can have positive effects on improving cholesterol level, blood pressure and memory. Furthermore, sake contains amino acids and peptides which can improve skin. Sounds so sweet isn't it?

Terrific water-colour artist in the house, meet Wilson @iamwilsonmc  

June Chang is looking sweet in her little black dress
Congrats again on the Grand Opening

Found this on the guest's tables.
super cute.

I'm into this concept of fresh-from-the-oceon sashimi that Yamaguchi Fish Market picks up twice a week from the harbour and serve on the menu. I've tried their tuna and it was so fresh! As the opening event only served canapé sized food, I would love to go and experience a proper dinner together with the Japan's most well-known and finest sake, Gekkeikan. I will share my food review soon after the visit. Stay tuned!

Yamaguchi Fish Market

16 Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

( Same building as Caffeinees )

Mon-Sun: 10:00 am-1:00 am
Contact: +603-9284 6686

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