Hello December 2015!

Time flies. It's been seven months since I moved to Malaysia and I'm happy to say that I've no regrets. 

First of all, the people that I met here are truly Amazing! Human touch is the key to keep everyone closer and happier. Everyone cares to each other with love, I found that Im not alone. 

Then comes to my career. I've embarked on an entrepreneur journey and everything goes well. Love the feeling of in-charging on my own time, no more office hour or squeezing in the MRT early in the morning. I've joined HLA financial group as a part timer, and start up a marketing company with my partner. Feeling blessed that a lot of job opportunities came to me and appreciate everyone who trust me and support me. 

As a travel and lifestyle blogger, im lucky that I've recently traveled to a few countries by invitation. Collaborate with different countries and different brands are my booster to share more on my blog. By the way, travel without seeking leave approval is so cool! Because I'm my own boss yay! 

Okay, let's come back to "Time Flies", yeah, it's December now and I'm busy traveling to a few places for year-end events. It's tiring but also fruitful for me. I want to squeeze in a day for Christmas shopping! Can't wait to shop around in Singapore as their Christmas decorations are all set now as well as those pretty Christmas gift packages.

Indeed, it's a special year for me. I wish to have a special Christmas celebration too. =) 

Can't wait for this lovely season greetings. 

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