Bella Skin Care : Facial Treatment Review

Established in 1982, Bella has over 30 centres worldwide to date and is the region's acknowledged leader in advanced skincare services and advanced hair removal solution. Using the most up-to-date facial and hair removal technologies and techniques available worldwide, Bella is constantly enhancing and expanding its exclusive range of professional skincare services.

I went for my first appointment about 2 weeks ago at the International Building. A cup of welcoming chrysanthemum tea was served while I was waiting for my first-timer’s registration. My beauty advisor, Ginnie then led me into their consultation room for skin analysis. I love how they don’t just offer you a package and assume that everyone’s skin is made the same! This is how they advise you on the right facial treatment based on your skin condition.

I was told that my pigmentation is getting serious and sebaceous glands are active. This causes my pores to be clogged and oily on the surface. My main concern is my dull and uneven skin tone. I later learnt from Ginnie, that this is because of my dead skin cells. After a detailed consultation, I did a skin test with their facial products to make sure I'm totally fine with the facial they recommended is suitable for my skin. This extra step is a new experience for me, and it makes me feel more confident towards Bella Skin Care as they really care about every detail.

Skin test

2 weeks later

I went for my first facial session with Bella Skin Care and was led into their lovely facial room. My facial started with an aromatherapy essential oil inhalation session and paraffin hand-wax! This surprised me as you seldom get hand treatments to go with your facial. Guess what? The therapist told me that this paraffin hand-wax is included for every facial. I felt so warm with my hand-wax on during my entire facial treatment. Oh! The blanket is super comfortable. I felt so relaxed resting in it.

Skin Cell Rejuva Treatment
I started with an enzyme cleanse to remove dead cells before extraction. I'm so happy that the beautician removed the milia seeds on my face. I also love how the beautician massaged my face right after the application of serum. This facial treatment is accompanied by a manual massage instead of being carried out by a machine. I prefer this method as it boosts my skin’s absorption towards all the good stuff applied.

Picture says it all. I love how my skin glows immediately after my facial treatment. The beautician then massaged my back and neck after the mask session. I felt recharged and my time was well spent!

What a lovely facial experience with Bella Skin Care! To my surprise and delight, my skin condition remains good even after a week. I'm definitely enjoying a hydrated and radiant complexion after my facial treatment. Prevention is always better than cure. Skin maintenance is important to us ladies!

And I know the key to beauty - from within!

I’m really looking forward to my future facial sessions with Bella Skin Care soon and I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like after it all. I’ll keep updating on my sessions too to keep ya updated! Hope you have an amazing week, and stay tuned!

Call Centre Hotline

Bella Skin Care (Orchard Branch)

360 Orchard Road
#08-06 International Building
Singapore 238869

Service Hours
Mon-Fri:10:30am - 8:30pm
Sat:10:00am - 4:30pm


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