Monthly update - December

Hello December! I know I've been busy for quite some time and I swear I will do more blog updates on this coming New Year. =)  It was so crowded in town area as everyone out for their Christmas shopping and celebrations. I'm hiding in my little cosy room now and enjoying my sweet time with wifi and home-cook dinner. One of my hobby is - rolling on my bed. 

In this lovely season, cuddle your beloved ones and spend your precious moment together. Give your grandparents a call and say "I love you" to your parents! Let's do it!

So happy to see the little one popped out from my moss 

My sweetie - Clo 
Took our ootd shot after lunch 

Buffet with the lovely guys - Alfred, Victor & Ronald @Amara Hotel
Their foie gra is awesome!

behind the scenes..

Casual weekend - on my way to hunt some hawker food

Met my pretty girl - @shennyyang
We were there for nuffnang Christmas Party @Stranger's reunion

Meet my new UK country manager - Alex
She is super lovely and positive

Rainy day - lunch time @Chinatown food street

Woohoooo! Finally I met my bestie - Kaya after 6 years

Daniel Wellington Watches x White Christmas Tree

Followed by ...
many dessert @bugis
Can you imagine we killed 8 desserts at one go???

I love brown attire + accessories.

Heading to a brand new year soon.
I wish all of us have a healthy and happy New Year!

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