Majolica Majorca Lash King & Perfect Automatic Liner Review

When people talk to you, they look at your eyes.
I'm a person who seldom put on make up, but when I need it I will go for my eye's make up. I found myself more attractive and charming after eye make up and obviously, mascara did a fantastic job!

I'm sure that most of you girls heard about Majolica Majorca, a fancy make up brand from Japan. I'm always a fan of their mascara as it super easy to apply, last really long and super good in waterproof. I also love their fancy packaging and design all the time. 

Perfect Automatic Liner 
retail price at sgd $22.90

Majolica Majorca came out with their new and limited Pearly pink colour eye liner that perfectly create Kpop looking dewy eyes for lower eye lid. I was so excited with this fancy pink eye liner that pretty easy to handle and draw although I'm not an expert for make up, but this water-based eye liner are resistant to perspiration, skin oils and tears. Easy to draw especially for thin eye liner and I like the pearly pink very much, my eyes look more attractive and lovely after this.

Lash King Mascara
retail price at sgd $25.90

I just can't wait to try this and achieve my "King-sized" lashes! Although I'm a girl who seldom put on make up, but I'm still a fan for Majolica Majorca's mascara. This is always my choice if I'm going to get one for my make up pouch. Now they have a new improved formulation with creamy wax which contains 5mm super long fibers, and increased amount of volume increasing powder. It enhanced in volumizing effect, lengthening effect and curling effect. It also contains gentle treatment ingredients for your lashes - Macadamia Nuts Oil, Vitamin E Derivative. This waterproof formula is also very resistant to sweat, sebum and tears. .Just a single brush stroke away from a breath-taking makeover to ultra thick, fluffy and King-size lashes! Now you can say "NO" to falsie hehe. 


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