Let's start from here

Found this funny photo from my office's iMac while I'm backing up my stuffs today. "Flipping hair" is always my signature pose when I'm talking to my close buddies haha. I used to be a girl who cares a lot about what people say and feel about me and now I know, What I feel is a priority.

Nothing is worth it, if you are not happy...

Feeling complicated recently as ... I'm leaving my company soon. I know it's such a big and shocked news as I've been with Apple for more than four years, Yeah FOUR years. I still remember how panic I am when I first stepped into my company at my age of 22. Appreciate this precious chance to join a big company like this and I truly have learnt a lot. I still love Apple so so much and I know it's time for me to leave my comfort zone for new challenges. Thanks to everyone who love me and care about me all this long.

Then, What's next?
Hehe... I think this is what people curious the most!

To be continued...