One day Kelong Fishing & Seafood trip

I think this is a great experience for a girl like me who always hide inside the room during weekend. I should start to appreciate the sun although summer is all year long in my country. It's been some times I didn't go for a swim and I really miss the cooling water now. Thanks to Ray who pulled me out from my comfy air-con room and have some sun tanned on my sweet Saturday.

We boarded our boat at Marina Country Club at Punggol with a super friendly captain called Alan. He is knowledgeable about fishing tips and generous for fishing tools and even the bait! haha. We are absolutely a noisy and naughty group, but I can feel the patience and professionalism by Alan and it brought us a wonderful experience on our very first sea outing.

I just can't stop selfie with this beautiful scene

Never let go any chances for group selfies too!

I swear I'm gonna jump into the water next time

Saw a lot of airplane in the sky

Ray is the one who invited me for this sea outing,
btw he is single and available, Anyone? lol

Acting pro with the fish rod haha

This reminds me of Life of Pi 
Lovely scene isn't?

I found myself stress free when I'm on the sea
super relax looking at the sky and the sea

Life is wonderful..
I can see the beauty of Nature


We caught some fishes of course~! 
Haha.. I think we are still new for fishing but Thanks to Alan,
we will definitely improve on the next visit! haha

Beautiful sunset

Our super captain of the day , Alan

It was our dinner time and Alan brought us here, Kelong fish farm for dinner!
Pass them what you got and they will prepare your great dinner.

Our live bait! haha the prawn! 
and it became butter oat prawn, super crispy haha

Look at this!
Thanks to the few heroes who caught the fishes!
Big satisfaction, they were so FRESH ~

Oh by the way, I've tried this Sunplay watery cool sunscreen and I love how lightweight the texture is and the cooling feeling as it promised. Recommended for someone who go for sea activity and it also claims that it is waterproof, so you don't need to reapply this time to time.

And if you are keen to have a fishing trip like me, you may contact Alan at 82683189. 

Yeah, let me take a selfie !   XD


Unknown said...

Lovely outing :)

imchacha said...

Thanks ^^

jagadeesh said...

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