Cheers! Happy 26th Birthday @ Morton's The Steakhouse Singapore

Yeah! I turned 26! Not sure if I should happy or sad haha. Happy because I became a true lady finally, know exactly how to earn for self living and enjoyment since four years ago; sad because I'm getting older.. oh my god, I can't imagine that I'm actually approaching 30 now. T_T

So glad to share my birthday dinner experience at Morton's The Steakhouse in Singapore, it was Fantastic! Trust me, they know what they are doing or they wouldn't have been so popular for so long. Morton's is a classic American style steakhouse opened in Singapore for more than 10 years. Not many place can claim that they use Prime USDA beef. It's a pricey restaurant but hey, who would come back to give them money if it wasn't good?

A traditional American steakhouse decoration, low lighting and soft music. Love the ambience here, especially all of their tables are far from each other, meanwhile we can have some privacy while chit chatting.

A custom Menu for my birthday hehe! Although I'm a 22nd baby but I celebrate my birthday on 21st of June. Still loving it, they did put effort to decorate my table and a big garlic bread served upon seated.

Smells so good with garlic,
It's crispy outside and soft inside, perfect to go with their butter!

Super big!

We started with Onion soup and no regret although it is pricey. You can ask the waiter split the Onion soup if you worry that you can't finish your steak later.

Prime USDA Ribeye steak
Super juicy! The texture is so so good~ Medium rare plus is just Perfect!

Centre-Cut Filet Mignon
The best beef steak ever in my life. Mmmmmm... Super soft even it is thick, cooked in medium rare plus. The taste is just Awesome, I can't really describe it but I'm definitely gonna pick this for my next visit again. It looks special too as it was in a heart shape.. <3

Look at the colour...
Oh my gosh.. I can't wait for my next visit already. Hey doctor, I did my homework well as you told me to eat more beef for my anemia problem, and yes i did haha.

Super soft, Super juicy, Super tasty!
Great ingredients with Great skills in Morton's.

Cheers! Kicked start my birthday with a glass of white wine specially recommended by the Manager.

Hey! Dessert time to complete my happy meal!
So sweet of Morton's as they offered a complimentary treat for my birthday, their signature chocolate lava cake, with Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. I won't say this is the best chocolate lava cake but it still not bad for me. I love dessert ~ 

I was posing for a sweet lady from Morton's as they took a nice photo of me and gave me a copy to bring home with a greeting card! I am so surprised and I would say they are really good, polite and attentive to the customers. Thanks to let me feel that I'm the queen of the night. ^^

I know this is really a bit pricey for us as this meal cost about $160 per pax, but the experience was really good and I will really want you to give them a try at least once in your life time.

Morton's bar also has a ridonkulous happy hour 5-7pm (mon-sat) which gives you a triple shot martini for $14.95 and free flow mini steak sandwiches. Camp by the door if you want to reach it before the eyeing guests all snap it up like zombies to fresh meat.

Life is short, enjoy anything that you like within your ability.
Nothing is worth it if you are not happy.


Morton's The Steakhouse Singapore
address: 4F, Mandarin Oriental, 5 Raffles Avenue 
phone: 63393740 

Mon - Sat: 17:30 - 23:00Sun: 17:00 - 22:00


Nick said...

happy 26th! :)

imchacha said...

Thanks Nick^^

el said...

Happy birthday! You look younger!! :) I wouldn't say you're already 26 o.O

imchacha said...

Thanks EL~~~~~~~ >v<