35 Random Facts About Me

1. I born in 1988.

2. My zodiac sign is Cancer and I think I have most of the cancer's personality.

3. I'm single but not available as I'm not ready for a new relationship yet.

4. I love waffle very much. Actually I love all desserts.

5. I love white outfits.

6. I don't know how to make up.

7. I don't have a car licence.

8. I love to take photos as I love to keep my moments.

9. I have four relationships before.

10. I can't live without electronic products such as computer, iPhone, camera, iPad etc.

11. I'm working in Apple as a Mac expert for about 4 years.

12. My nemo tank gone and I feel so sad for it. I wish to have a bigger tank so the water parameter is easier to maintain for a beginner like me.

13. I desperate for a house as I hate the insecure feeling by renting a room.

14. I would love to spend one or two years in other countries such as Australia, Korea or Taiwan.

15. I'm happy to join a gathering with my followers here.

16. I'm happy with my personal assistant as he understands me very well.

17. I've been to Thailand before, Bangkok, Pattaya, Hatyai and Phuket.

18. If there is 13 hours left till end of the world, I would love to travel to a place that I've never been.

19. Traveling is something keep me going. ( Although sometimes dessert did haha )

20. I'm tall but chubby. 174cm but 61kg lolxx

21. I'm a gamer. I play a lot of online games before and currently I'm in dota2 and wildstar.

22. I love to eat strawberry and roti prata with condensed milk.

23. I've been to Ireland, Milan, Paris, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippine, China, Born in Malaysia and living in Singapore now.

24. I wish to go to Greece and Austria.

25. I love dog especially husky.

26. I prefer myself with long hair.

27. I love LOTR & Game of thrones very much.

28. I watch Taiwan TV show KangXiLaiLe (康熙來了) almost everyday.

29. I wish to have  my wedding shoot in Korea next time. ( but don't know when lol )

30. I hope I can have my further study in oversea.

31. I feel super sorry and guilty once before as my friend waited me for 2 hours. Although I was under medication that caused me overslept, but I know this is all my fault.

33. I born in single family.

34. I don't smoke.

35. I enjoy food very much. I like Japanese and european cuisine the most.

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拾贰 said...

应该说 典型80后?
I Saw you RIKI...