Hong Kong Day 3

I started to agree with Victor, who told me that he used to go Hong Kong for food hunting. I gained weight after this 3days HK trip but full of satisfaction haha. Thanks to my personal assistant, Mawong who brought me across a few shopping districts for food and shopping. I can't wait to go HK again now... anyone?    XD

Simple and nice breakfast prepared by Tammy's help

Then I took a bus to IFC 

Regal HongKong Hotel @ Causewaybay
Price is slightly high but the location is super good. 2 minutes walk to shopping district and eateries. Walking distance to Time Square too ^^

Comfy room

Met mawong finally haha

We went a lot of places on my last day in HK 

I hate myself as I love Mos burger so much! This is super nice!
Teriyaki beef burger ( not in Singapore )

We also went Agnes b. cafe
Their cakes are Awesome!

Super fine quality that I can find from their cakes and I can't wait to eat it again!

Watermelon lychee soda, mmmmm

Then I helped my friend for porter hunting!

Apple retail store @ Casewaybay

Met my brother and we went to Tai Hing for dinner

HongKong invented milk tea without ice..

piggy bread 豬仔包
butter and condensed milk bread

da-dang! felt sad as they sold out for roasted pork

My brother and I

What's next? Neway karaoke with Mawong and Alex

Beidouweng for dim sum before I headed down to the airport
Price is reasonable for afternoon tea and dim sum

cosy and grand environment 

char siu so is so good...

I prefer the char siu bao on my second day with Tammy

Baby abalone siu mai
woohoo !

I miss this so much
minty taste flower jelly

What? Take away and bring back to singapore laaaa

Always a reason for starbucks!
In HK international airport

spotted this but didn't buy as my current wallet is still in good condition

Hey guys and girls!
Thanks for reading it and following me!

I can't wait to share more and more, 
do leave a comment if you wish to see any other sharing from me^^


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Nice pics and nice trips!? your pic using phone camera OR digital camera? that's really nice image! :)

imchacha said...

Thanks^^ MK
They took by my OMD-5 and also iPhone 5s hahaha

Nakem said...

It was lovely to go out with you:-) can't wait til you come back visit!! I will bring you to more places to tour around Hong Kong!

jcj no1 said...

quite long blog ..... wow it had been 30 months ago... very experince blogger now in 2016 @always support