Picnic Day @Botanic Garden

Found these photos in my external hard drive today. Guess what? This outing was about two years back haha! I was so enjoyed that day with my random buddies for a picnic and we truly enjoyed our chit chat time. Fresh air always made my day. I should arrange another picnic session with some beloved buddies to synchronise each other's life again.

Botanic Garden conveniently located right outside the exit of the MRT.

The sun rises in the sky and you can tell this is a hot weekend.

Love the colourful flowers, I hope they have more.. >.<

The foreigner's family enjoy themselves with they children here too.

Thanks to Victor who prepared the home made Nasi Lemak!
Yeah Yeah, and I love it, it was so yummy!

Hello Gentlemans. 

Selfie time haha, what a new technique by Danny.

Look at this! Wow ! Thanks Scarah who brought us so many food and drinks!

Sushi and Old Chang Kee

Lovely scarah and cute Danny

Guess where were we heading to after the picnic?

To be continued...

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