A Lazy Weekend

As everyone knows that the weather recently is so hot, and I just don't feel like going out during my precious weekend. I'm truly enjoy inside my air-cond room and watching Game of Throne for whole day. Food delivery is a must for today as I can enjoy my meal without stepping out my air-con room.

I always feel that Singapore is lack of food delivery, you will only find the fast food when you search food delivery in SG. But guess what I've found today? So happened to browse through a website called Food Panda, I think many of you have already heard about them, and I give them a try today^^

I've ordered Nihon Mura Bento set which selling at a reasonable price 12.80, with a delivery charge of 3.50 which I feel totally reasonable. I have added on a 1.5L pepsi haha since they gonna send to my doorstep, might as well order a bottle so I don't need to buy and carry home next time. I decided to go with Food Panda as they have my favourite japanese food, their website is user friendly and you might find some deals from them too.

da-dang! My lunch on my doorstep

My beef bento set with a can of pepsi
selling at 12.80

This is my first time trying Nihon Mura's bento and it taste not bad.

Da-dang, added this for my family,
Pork katsu don + pepsi = 9.80

Haha, how do you think enjoy food delivery during a lazy weekend like me?


Tenshi Chn said...

I think there is market for all sorts of food delivery. ^^

It's really sad that it's always fast food when we look for food delivery. >.<


imchacha said...


ya sad that always fast food for delivery >.<

Blogger said...

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