ALO eye glasses - One of the "Must Buy" thing in Korea

Eye glasses are insanely cheap in Korea, which is why I feel they are one of the "Must Buy" things in Korea. I bought a few pairs of prescription eyeglasses and sunnies during my last two trips to Seoul. 

ALO, is one of the optical store that offering great design with reasonable price in Korea. You can get direct discount on your bill instead of doing tax refund after the purchase. This actually saves me a lot of time as I don't like to do tax refund at the airport. They have twenty branches in Korea conveniently located at those tourist's spots such as Myeong Dong, Gangnam, Dong Dae Mun and Garosugil. I like to go to the one located in Myeong Dong as they always have someone who can speak mandarin or english for me. 

Another good experience was the efficiency of their prescription eye glasses to be ready for collection in less than an hour. You can simply spend your time to shop in Myeong Dong street or collect the specs after your dinner.

Simple and Trendy designs 

Look at the miniature glasses, I really wanna get that but it's too pricy 

The cheapest frame that I've found in the store is selling at 29k Korean won.
very good price with good design and light in weight

This is where they displayed the miniature eye glasses lol,
Super cute! 

Can't wait to put on the sunnies on my face..

Looks really cute

This is the one that I've bought last week.
love the design and it suit my face shape the best .

Love the miniature glasses so much.
Selling at 49k Korean won.

Love the mirrors in the store and I feel so happy that 
I can take unlimited photos in the store even with their glasses on.

Da-Dang ! With a nice paper bag on my purchased.

The store in Myeong dong is just right opposite Forever 21.

Kpop celebrities love ALO too!

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